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10 Benefits and Uses Of Groundnut Oil

by Alisha20201

Groundnut, also famous as peanuts, is the most consumed nut in the world. We prefer consuming peanuts in a variety of ways. People like to have roasted, salted, or fried peanuts now and then while watching TVs or walking in the parks. This nut is filled with protein and fiber.

There is another way of consuming the goodness of peanuts. It is by adding peanut oil or groundnut oil to your diet. 

Refined Groundnut oil is prepared by pressing harvested groundnut and extracting the oil. Then the oil is used for various cooking purposes.

Why should we use groundnut oil?

There are many reasons for choosing refined groundnut oil instead of any regular oil.

  • Harmful substances start to occur only when the temperature of the oil goes beyond the smoking point. The smoking point of groundnut oil is very high. Thus it can be easily used for deep frying in Indian Cuisines. 
  • Groundnut oil is reusable. You can use this oil for multiple purposes several times. 
  • It comes with a natural taste of peanuts. This does not mix with the original taste of the food. Instead, it enhances the taste.

Nutritional values of groundnut oil: Groundnut oil is extracted from the seeds of Groundnut plants. Thus it contains all the nutritional qualities that groundnut possesses. There are different types of groundnut oil available in the markets, such as Groundnut oil, blend groundnut oil, cold-pressed groundnut oil, etc. Each of them contains more or less the same nutritional values.

It contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, Vitamin E, and phytochemicals. It also contains Oleic acids, palmitic acids, linoleic acids, and stearic acids. These are the reasons behind groundnut oil’s amazing health benefits.

When consumed properly, Groundnut oil adds tremendous health benefits to your body. If you have never thought about consuming groundnut oil, this is the right time to start using it. Here are the amazing health benefits it has to offer.

  • Improves Insulin sensitivity in your body: If you were wondering whether Groundnut oil is good for diabetic patients, it is good. It contains more unsaturated fats than saturated fats that help to improve your insulin sensitivity in the body and keep sugar levels in your blood normal.
  • Keep your heart healthy: Growing concerns about heart health are making people skeptical about every oil in the market. Groundnut oil contains zero cholesterol which is the main reason for cardiac diseases. Groundnut oil is a good alternative to your regular oil as it lowers bad cholesterol levels in your body. It does not add any unnecessary cholesterol and keeps your heart healthy for longer.
  • Lower aging signs: Everyone wants to stay young. And regular use of groundnut oil keeps you young for longer. Groundnut oil contains anti-aging properties that help you delay the aging process. 

Groundnut oil contains a high amount of Vitamin E. With regular use of Groundnut oil, you can reduce aging signs such as wrinkles, dark spots, patchy skin, fine lines, etc. Just take a few drops of Groundnut oil on your palm and gently massage on your face and neck.

  • Helps to Prevent arthritis: Arthritis is a very common problem among middle-aged people. It happens because of the inflammation of the bones. Linoleic acid present in the groundnut oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It activates Peroxisome Proliferative-Activated Receptor alpha which is directly linked to rheumatoid arthritis. Daily consumption of Groundnut oil helps to reduce the risks of severe arthritis.
  • Lowers risk of cancers: Groundnut oil is loaded with antioxidants. Including it in your regular diet will help you prevent several types of cancers. Carotenoids and Vitamin E reduce the free radical movement of cells and prevent cancerous cells from growing. Consumption of Groundnut oil regularly can protect your body from developing uterine cancer, colon cancer, and several other cancers.


  • Maintains Blood pressure and improves blood circulation: Groundnut oil is also beneficial in reducing blood pressure and lowers the risks of several diseases caused by high blood pressure. Monounsaturated fats present in the Groundnut oil maintain the blood pressure level in the body. And indirectly keeps the ailments of your heart at a safe distance.

Linoleic acid present in the groundnut oil stimulates the prostaglandin glands which helps your blood vessels to contract and dilate. Thus it improves the blood circulation of your body and maintains blood pressure.

  • Improves the health of your hair: Groundnut oil is also beneficial for the health of your hair and scalp. It has anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. These properties help you keep your scalp healthy and prevent dandruff and dry scalp.
  • Vitamin E and other components present in groundnut oil provide the necessary nutrients to hair follicles and promote faster hair growth.
  • Groundnut oil also gives your hair a glossy look. It smoothens the split ends of your hair and provides your hair with a natural healthy look.
  • Take a few drops of groundnut oil on your palm and apply them to your scalp and let it rest for 30 minutes before having a bath. You can mix it with any other regular oil if you prefer. Thus you can avail the benefits of the additional oil as well. Apply it once every week.
  • Keep your skin young and healthy: Vitamin E is one of the key components of groundnut oil. Vitamin E and other antioxidant properties present in Groundnut oil are beneficial to keep healthy and young skin.

When you apply Groundnut oil to your skin, Vitamin E traps the moisture inside your skin and helps it keep hydrated for long. It protects collagen and elastin present in your skin. Protecting skin from environmental pollution and UV rays is also a great property of Vitamin E.

Groundnut oil suits all skin types. 

  • Relief from constipation: Groundnut oil contains laxative properties. Even consuming one teaspoon of groundnut oil a day can provide you relief from constipation.
  • Prevents acne: Since groundnut oil has anti-inflammatory properties, you can apply it to your skin to prevent acne and bacterial colonies. Miz a few drops of lemon juices and then apply to your skin.

Conclusion: Groundnut oil comes with plenty of health benefits. But it also contains high calories. That is why the amount of consumption depends on age and digestion capabilities. 

Consuming too much groundnut oil can lead you to be overweight. Consumption of groundnut oil without proper guidelines can oppositely impact your health. It can increase cholesterol levels. So ensure you are having groundnut oil in the right quantity.

This oil has a long shelf life so don’t worry about being wasted.

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