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10 Common Mistakes Women Are Making in Their Health and Fitness

by adamstephens
Women Common Health Mistakes

In the quest for a better-looking and healthy body shape, women go through quite some frustration and confusion, seeking a seemingly missing ‘thing’ to get the best shape.

Society is not making it easy on women either as shades are thrown at shapeless ladies.

Ask every woman out there, and you’ll hear things like “I wish I had flat abs”, or “I wish I look less chubby”, and so many other wishes. There seems not to be enough of what’s right to get them into shape for those dieting and working out.

Now and then, a lot of secrets, tips, fad diets, tricks, teas, and techniques are released online to help women change their bodies. Yet, it doesn’t seem like it’s working.

So, what could be wrong for women’s health?

These 10 mistakes and women issues, which we’ll be discussing in a bit, are the major pointers to why it looks like women’s pursuit of health and fitness is not adding up.

  1. Women’s Insufficient Water Intake:

    How much water do you drink daily? Women’s common response to this question could either be “I don’t know” or “I need to be drinking more”.

    None of these answers is great. The problem is that women are not intentional about their daily water consumption – the reason why most don’t know on average how much water they’re drinking.

    The perk of drinking water goes beyond aiding the body’s internal function (the common idea) to skin clarity, relief from bloating, body aches, headaches, and most importantly, weight loss.

So, here’s how to drink water:

  • From your wake time, start drinking water
  • Drink sparkling water or flavoured water
  • Increase your water intake gradually
  • Use a straw for drinking water! It works
  • Keep two 1L bottles to make water refills simple and less frequent
  1. Women’s insufficient food intake:

    This sounds rather contradictory to what we know, right? Eating less has always been the route to weight loss.
    However, not eating much can stop muscle growth and maintain weight.

    Your body needs calories to execute all the internal functions, and this is obtained from food.

    Each body system requires a certain level of calories, and eating below this level will cause a body panic resulting in a conservation of any available energy – weight gain becomes the result.

    Find out the average amount of calories and macronutrients your body needs and plan your food that way. You can also get a well-woman health check in London.

  1. Excessive eating:

    Just like under-eating, this can make your body gain weight too.

    Every day, your body burns calories from physical exertion and workout.

    The right thing is eating as many calories as your body is burning daily. However, when you eat too much, your body takes in more calories than it’s burning!

    First, consider your age, body stats, and activity level to monitor what you eat and see if you’re eating excessively and to what extent.

  1. So much cardio for women:

    Women are taught to believe that cardio is essential to weight loss.

    Well, cardio may help body weight to fluctuate, but it isn’t the way out.

    What’s important for weight loss is a calorific deficit! And cardio is one of the many tools that can help you achieve this.

    Some women jog every day or hit the stair mill or elliptical 5 times per week yet are not getting into shape. Does it mean cardio isn’t working?

    Let’s be clear about this. Cardiovascular health triggers a healthy life and is recommended. However, should this be all you’re doing, then that’s your problem.

    What is too much cardio for one person may be less for another. So, for starters, target at raising your heart rate for a minimum of 30 minutes, thrice a week consistently. The remaining workout may switch between zero to high heart rate raises and add weight lifting to your routine.

  1. Zero weight lifting:

    Usually, excessive cardio is performed by women because they are not lifting weights. More often, it is obvious that some don’t even know how to.
    You need to build muscles because muscles burn calories. Simply put, muscles need energy in the form of calories to be active. So, more muscles equal more burning of calories.

    But how can you build muscles? Consume enough calories, do less cardio, and more weight lifting!

    You can enrol in a weight lifting programme for beginners.

  1. Lifting weights that are not heavy enough:

    It’s okay for women to carry weights, but it’s best when you lift weights that push your muscles harder.
    If you want to “tone up” – grow your muscles and alter the shape of your body, you should change the size of the weights you’re lifting.

    Working with the same weights on the same routine will keep your muscles at the level they are already.

    The recommendation is that you up your weight such that in each set, you’re struggling or feeling fatigued.

    Keep challenging yourself and your muscles in each workout, don’t stop topping your workout as your energy level increases.

  1. Unsustainable activities:

    A personal trainer and women’s health coach states outrightly that certain things women do to lose weight aren’t sustainable – things like keto, low-carb, self-starvation, etc
    Since many persons, including women, prefer short-term results rather than forming long-term habits, they indulge in healthy practices that aren’t sustainable.

    Instead of looking for quick fixes that leave you feeling guilty if not maintained or make you feel the need to break the rules, be patient, and seek an approach that lasts long.

    It should be something that you’re comfortable with.

  1. Self-punishment and reward:

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking that since you’ve exercised much, you need to reward yourself with delicious ice cream, or because over the week, you hand a nice time eating delicacies, so your workout needs to be doubled to compensate for time lost.

    This kind of guilty rewards and overstretching isn’t encouraged. Rather choose to reward your workout efforts with something that doesn’t overrule your weight loss expectations.

  2. Inconsistency:

    An honest dedication to a workout plan without straying rewards so much. But most times, women fail at intervals to completely stick to the “plan”.

    Check your consistency today and re-evaluate your dedication. Make adjustments accordingly.

  1. Following a plan blindly:

    Some women don’t know why they’re working out the way they do.

    When you don’t fully understand a workout regimen or diet plan, it means you are acting out of desperation just to lose weight.

    The danger of this is that you’ll lose control of the results. You and your body type are different from the next person. If a particular diet plan or workout gives your friend results, it doesn’t mean it will work for you.

    Do your research, ask plenty of questions, and be sure you understand the entire plan before getting involved in a special diet or exercise. This will build your confidence. And with this comes commitment.

These areas play a major role in making women not see the results of their weight loss program.

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