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3 Benefits of Using PEMF for Sports Recovery

by Golden Health Centers
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3 Benefits of Using PEMF for Sports Recovery

There are no sports without injuries. Injuries ignite the passion for winning inside athletes. But only the victim knows how awful wounds can pain us. Most injuries happen due to hard training or a missed stunt. Even the trained professionals can sometimes make blunders and get themselves injured.

Another issue is that most sports competitions can declare an athlete unfit either if they are badly injured or used invasive treatments involving any drugs.

PEMF therapy is considered the optimal solution in such cases. PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy involves the regeneration and rejuvenation of cells. It helps make the healing process quicker and assists in the resurrection of your damaged joints, bones, and tissues.

PEMF has both physical and mental benefits. Due to it being non-invasive, it has gathered more popularity. Even the Rio 2016 Olympics reported their athletes benefiting from PEMF. Swimmers, martial artists, runners, golf-players, wrestlers, rugby players – you name it. They all use PEMF to improve their mental and physical well-being.

Here are the three best benefits of PEMF therapy:

  1.   It Reduces Swelling

A significant issue caused by injuries (especially internal ones) is swelling. Your tissues get swelled when you’re injured. Doing hard training can also make your tissues like that. A swelled tissue could not absorb proper oxygen and nutrients to nourish itself.

Most athletes are treated with ice packs when they get injured. Although it succeeds in reducing outside swelling, the ice pack wouldn’t be of much use if there is a deep bruise or internal swelling. Ice would be useless inside.

This is where PEMF will help. It will reach deep into the damaged tissues without risking any further damage. As a result, your swelling would diminish at a much higher rate, and your bruise would also prevent more blood spills.

PEMF is much better than ice when the wound is big and deep. Even if the injury isn’t major, using this therapy would help the pain go away instantly.


  1.   It Helps Muscles

A heavy workout and muscle exertion will cause heat stress to increase. It will further prevent cells from breakdown. In this way, your injury recovery process would slow down at a surprising speed. Stopping heat shock proteins is compulsory.

Our most active muscles are also the most stressed ones. Stressed muscles contribute to creating more heat shock proteins. The good thing is these heat shock proteins can also help from preventing injury. You only need to induce them inside before stressing your muscles.

In this way, your tissues would prevent extensive damage, and they will recover soon too. PEMF therapy can assist in stimulating the generation of heat shock proteins into the muscles.

PEMF can also increase oxygen uptake inside our muscles by at least 1%. This one percent can do wonders for sportspeople. 

  1.   It Improves Blood Circulation

PEMF isn’t just limited to muscles and injuries; it has internal benefits too. The biggest advantage is improved blood circulation, which is crucial for athletic training. A Better flow of blood would provide more oxygen to tissue, muscles, and other body organs.

Moreover, an oxygenated muscle shows more efficiency and heals faster from an injury. A better blood flow would also assist in creating healthy tissue production. Your bone tissues turn out to be healthier too.

Your muscle soreness takes time to heal, but the healing time can reduce if your cells have improved blood flow and oxygen-carrying capacity. Lastly, a good blood flow will help you win the game.


PEMF is a recommended therapy from many physicians. Athletes prefer PEMF over any other invasive treatment. The best thing about PEMF is that one can use it before getting injured.

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