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5 Serious Health Issues to Watch in the 2021

by Elliesingh

Concerns and stress associated with this condition can exacerbate the mental health problems you are experiencing or cause new symptoms to appear. In addition, community action can make it harder for you to implement competition strategies that you would otherwise find helpful. This is especially true if you are in quarantine or isolated due to a corona virus infection.

Everyone has the right to the highest level of health care possible under international human rights law. And governments have a responsibility to take the necessary steps to prevent threats to public health and to provide medical care to those in need.

Health Issues to Take care about

The level and severity of the Covid-19 epidemic has clearly become such a threat to public health that restrictions on certain rights are justified. Such as quarantine or isolation to restrict freedom of movement. At the same time, proper attention to human rights, for example, non-discrimination and respect for human rights principles. Such as transparency and respect for human dignity, can lead to an effective response to the crisis and chaos that arises in times of crisis.

Reduce losses that come from the application of broader measures that do not meet the above criteria. Human health law also recognizes that restrictions on certain rights may be legitimate in serious national health emergencies. That pose a serious threat to public health and the life of the nation, provided they are legally valid, necessary, and for a limited time. Respect human dignity, be subject to review, and be committed to the goal.

1. Water Issues

Billions of people lack access to safe drinking water. Yet, clean water, sanitation and hygiene are essential to the protection of human health during COVID-19. Water and sanitation promotion, water and contaminated water waste structures. And the assistance of technicians can help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus from human to human, as homes, schools, markets. And continuous supply of good and clean water in health centers, hygiene, sanitation and waste disposal methods will be improved.

2. Sanitization

Soaps and disinfectants are not available in clinics and hospitals. Due to rising inflation and lowering the salaries, it is not possible for management to bring these equipment with their own money. This shortage lasts for weeks to months in hospitals in remote areas. Patients and staff bring water to drink and sometimes to put in the toilet.

3. Depression

Many countries affected by Covid 19 are already experiencing crises such as tensions, natural disasters, or climate change. Many lives in these troubled countries depend on humanitarian aid.

4. Lungs Issues

If the virus spreads well in the cells of the upper respiratory tract, it makes people more sick because it also travels deep into the lungs. But it is wrong to think that the corona virus stops here. Sometimes the virus enters the nervous system and causes havoc, resulting in loss of sense of smell and taste.

5. Respiratory Issues

According to a report published in the journal Science Magazine, some of the patients in Covid 19 have extremely low oxygen levels in their blood. But they are still talking to doctors, scrolling on their phones and feeling well. Although under normal circumstances, such a lack of oxygen in the body does not leave the body able to walk or talk, and such a lack can lead to fainting or even death, but patients with COVID 19 appear to be able to walk despite such a lack.

Various Health issues, interlinked to COVID-19

Most patients with COVID 19 recover, but most of them experience various symptoms on a long-term basis. Various researchers found that lung damage was discovered three months later in several people who had recovered from the disease, less than a year after the outbreak. One study found that more than half of healthy patients with COVID 19 experience persistent or constant fatigue after 10 weeks of initial illness(Source my research work done by online assignment assistance company)

What to Expect?

It usually takes many years to develop a vaccine against a disease, but vaccines have been developed in less than a year since the outbreak of the corona virus. The vaccine from the Pfizer and the German BionTech has been named the world’s fastest vaccine against any disease, which has been approved for emergency use in various countries.

To sum it Up

Awareness of hygiene and health practices and products such as sanitizers, medicated soaps, gloves and masks, etc. started the business of many people. Although trials and vaccinations for coronavirus have begun in the United States and the United Kingdom, the damage to the global economy has been done. Unlike healthcare assignment help, one cannot help himself to defeat the aftermath of COVID 19 in 2021. But precautions and measures must be taken. Combined with the coronavirus, the negative effects of climate change could create more problems for developing countries in 2021.


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