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5 Signs of Low Testosterone to Watch Out For

by meghanbelnap

When your body’s testosterone levels begin to drop, you might notice a wide array of mental, physical, and psychological side effects. Here is a quick glimpse at just a few of the signs of low testosterone that all men should keep an eye out for as they age.

Chronic Fatigue

Even though it is perfectly normal to feel fatigued when you have been busy, you shouldn’t feel as if you no longer have any energy to function normally. As soon as your testosterone levels begin to drop, simple tasks can become overwhelmingly difficult because of your energy levels. Over time, that fatigue and lack of motivation can amplify many of the other side effects of low testosterone as well.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Low testosterone isn’t the only cause of erectile dysfunction, but it is one of the most common side effects that men struggle with. Some men feel as if they have little or no libido while others can’t get or maintain an erection. If you have recently noticed either of those issues, then you should immediately contact a clinic that offers ED and low testosterone treatments.

Loss of Strength

While your muscle mass is naturally going to decline as you grow older, your loss of strength should be gradual. A sudden loss of strength and muscle mass could be caused by hormonal imbalances or a drop in your testosterone levels. Luckily, just like many of these other symptoms, the loss of muscle mass and strength can often be reversed with a personalized treatment program.

Feelings of Depression

Many people are surprised to hear that low testosterone can have a big impact on an individual’s mental health. When your body doesn’t produce an ample amount of testosterone, you might find yourself feeling lethargic or uninterested in things you used to love. In addition to getting treated for hormonal imbalances, you should also speak with a mental health specialist if you are experiencing any symptoms of depression.

Memory and Concentration Issues

Recent studies have revealed that reduced testosterone levels are closely tied to one’s memory and other cognitive functions. As you grow older, you could find it difficult to concentrate on a subject or retain information. You might also have problems remembering old bits of information that used to come to you very quickly.

Maintaining healthy lifestyle habits can have a huge impact on your hormone levels, but there may come a point when you need medical assistance. If you have recently noticed any of these symptoms of low testosterone, then it is time to contact a medical professional to explore your treatment options.

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