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7 Amazing benefits of prp facial treatment?

by beverlymedspa

Generally, facials have been quite popular for those who want to maintain healthy skincare and that youthful look. But unfortunately, conventional facials can’t address most skin issues that many people seek today to enhance their appearance. We now have advanced technologies such as PRP Facial Treatment that target various skin conditions thanks to science. It harnesses your body’s healing abilities by revitalizing your skin and delivering the desired results. 

PRP is a treatment that not only makes you feel good but also restores your confidence. Face being the most extended and most conspicuous organ, can affect your self-esteem if it’s affected by specific skin problems like acne or scars.

PRP facial treatment is a non-invasive procedure that uses a patient’s blood to promote skin cell growth. It’s a therapy that boosts a lot of healing processes, offering a myriad of benefits that we shall look at below:

  1. PRP Treatment is Safe

Safety is a crucial element in facial treatment. People need assurance before they proceed with any therapy. Several things that should give you confidence in this procedure are non-invasive. No cuts or surgeries are required.  It’s been there since the 70s, and some doctors even used it for injuries and other conditions. Though it’s not FDA-approved by the US, it has clearance for “off-label” usage.

PRP has some unique qualities, like a high concentration of proteins that aids in the growth of new healthy cells. And this is what helps in body and tissue healing faster. 

  1. No Pain 

Even if the treatment is on susceptible and delicate skin areas, you won’t feel any discomfort or pain. However, you may feel the application of the treatment. 

Icing the treated region after treatment also helps to speed up the cellular rejuvenation process. 

  1. Reduces Wrinkles

By using the body’s plasma rich in platelets, it naturally rejuvenates the skin. So, the platelets release the growth factors that stimulate collagen production. And this replenishes what was lost by the body resulting in sagging skin or wrinkles. Now, the whole process helps reduce the fine lines and diminishes the effects of aging on your skin. Ultimately, you get healthier-looking skin, firmer, vibrant, and youthful. 

  1. No Downtime

How does it feel to step in for facial therapy that will make a significant impact and step out as you proceed with your usual activities? That’s what happens when you go for PRP facial treatment. Though you may have more than one go, this doesn’t bog you down to heal. However, taking precautions is recommended one week following the treatment, such as steering clear of sun exposure. Avoid overworking yourself and taking it easy.

5. It Prevents Transepidermal Water Loss

When your skin loses water, it sags and looks anything but pretty. And this usually happens when your skin barrier gets damaged, leading to Transepidermal water loss. And this is a process of moisture evaporation from the skin that results in dehydration. But fortunately, this is preventable through PRP therapy, which works by strengthening the skin’s protective barrier. 

It’s a treatment that helps regenerate tired skin cells, creating fresh ones that can retain the skin moisture for long.

 Prevents Acne Breakout

One of the contributing factors affecting people with low self-esteem is scars and acne breakout. Excessive dryness may cause the appearance of acne most of the time, which causes the production of excess sebum. And this leads to oily skin that clogs the pores leading to acne breakout. Now, coming to what PRP treatment does, it helps with transepidermal water loss, which provides hydration improvements. Therefore, there are fewer acne appearances.

After acne healing, sometimes this may lead to facial scarring that may or not disappear in time. Those deeper ones that don’t go away require an aesthetic approach that might work best, like PRP facial treatment because it helps to hydrate the skin and decreases skin dryness. And this reduces any visible scar tissue. 

  1. Long-lasting Effects

One thing you need to remember is that PRP therapy is not magic nor a quick cosmetic fix. While it works great by nurturing the skin, you need to be patient before seeing your desired results. Sometimes you have to go for more than one treatment. You might even require three sessions to get steady and continuous results. And this leads to an impressive outcome that you can enjoy for longer. 

Can PRP Combine with Other Treatments?

Though PRP facial treatment is an incredible therapy, when incorporated with Microneedling, it delivers mesmerizing results. At the same time, the production of proteins improves the quality of the skin (collagen).  Deep treating the skin with Microneedling also speeds up the regenerative process. 

And you only need five sessions to treat keloid scars, radically enhancing the appearance of the skin. At the same time, it takes two to four sessions to treat and heal acne scars. 

PRP Procedure

There’s nothing much required from the patient’s end. However, the doctor may request a few precautions before your treatment. 

  • A week before you start this therapy, it would be great to wear sunscreen when going outside.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking at least 64 ounces of water daily for the next three days before your treatment.
  • Avoid wearing makeup, applying moisturizer, or any skincare product when you come to your appointment. But you’ll also get a thorough cleaning before treatment.

PRP facial treatment prep for the doctor is also a simple one. It involves a solution of your blood, administered through injection by a skilled doctor.

  • First, the doctor will draw blood, and the amount depends on the condition on hand. 
  • He’ll spin the blood quickly using a centrifuge device to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the blood components.
  • Then he prepares the PRP for injection, and he might combine the PRP with other medications. At this point, he puts the fluid into the syringe and injects it into the target area. 

All these may seem a lot, but it only takes 3-5 minutes to run your blood in the centrifuge device. And depending on the target areas, the therapy may take 30 to 60 minutes. 

In Conclusion, these are the fantastic benefits that PRP facial benefits provides. In essence, the results of this therapy are super impressive, firming saggy skin, ironing wrinkles, and restoring youthful, beautiful skin.

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