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All You Need to Know About MediTouch EHR Software

by jerrymorganseo
All You Need to Know About MediTouch EHR Software

MediTouch EHR Software 

MediTouch is a fully integrated EHR and medical billing program developed by doctors to assist you in running your practice more productively. The EHR integrates billing, clearinghouse, and patient portal software. MediTouch is also a cloud-based electronic medical record system with a touch-screen operating system for a more mobile-friendly experience. 

The MediTouch EHR is well-known for its easy-to-use web-based application, which enables for speedy and thorough documentation. Moreover, by allowing you to chart patient information from any place, the web-based MediTouch service saves you time. Furthermore, the UI provides pre-set templates for several medical specialties. Overall, the software offers a myriad of benefits that make it worth the MediTouch EHR Software cost.  

Top Advantages of MediTouch EHR Software 

History of Present Illness (HPI) System  

MediTouch’s History of Present Illness (HPI) technology is one of its key advantages. The system includes Q&A forms that help you learn about a specialty while also asking questions and receiving answers. You may even post the forms in a patient portal so that your patients can complete them ahead of time. In addition, if the format you seek isn’t available in the MediTouch library, you can build your own. 

Enhanced Workflow  

MediTouch EHR is well-known for streamlining workflow and increasing practice efficiency. MediTouch EHR also supports electronic self-registration and check-in. In addition, patients can digitally sign documentation using their fingertips. 

HIPAA compliance documentation, medical releases, financial policy, health history & demographics, and other documents are also available. Throughout the exam, you can also utilize your phone to take digital images and upload them straight to the note to annotate the image. 

Integrated Software  

The MediTouch EHR completely integrates with various additional technologies to assist you in optimizing your clinical performance. EHR, Billing, Scheduling, Appointment Reminders, Electronic Claims, Patient Insurance Eligibility Check, e-Prescribing, Labs, Patient Portal, and e-Faxing are all part of the MediTouch package. The whole package, according to users, makes the MediTouch EHR Software price worth it! 

Electronic Prescription Tool  

The MediTouch EHR’s e-Prescription capability makes it considerably easier to fill prescriptions. This function benefits not only you but also your patients. The software allows you to prescribe medications potentially, and your patients can immediately pick up their prescriptions from whichever pharmacy they like. 

Furthermore, MediTouch EHR Software’s e-prescription application allows you to check for potentially dangerous drug interactions and avoid them.

Patient Portal  

The patient portal, which is beneficial to you and your patients, is an essential element of MediTouch EHR Software. Patients can review their health records via a private, secure site, where they can follow their health history, request medication refills, and ask questions, among other things. Furthermore, when a patient portal is integrated with an EHR system, it ensures patient satisfaction with their care plan and develops rapport. Additionally, the patient portal is included in the MediTouch EHR Software cost. 

Cloud-Based Deployment   

MediTouch EHR Software is hosted on cloud servers so that you can access it from anywhere at any time. You may also utilize the web-based interface on your smartphone or iPad via the browser. Another significant benefit of having a web-based EHR is that it helps you save money that you would otherwise spend on expensive hardware. 

Surgery Care Plans  

Pre- and post-surgery care plans from MediTouch EHR provide quick access to patient medical records as well as pre-loaded templates tailored to your specialization and needs. Furthermore, the interface is fully customizable, allowing you to record precise diagnostic and therapy objectives. 

Meaningful Use Certified  

MediTouch and the patient portal it offers are Meaningful Use certified. Furthermore, the software features a Meaningful Use Report Card, which can assist you in demonstrating meaningful use of best EMR systems and avoid federal penalties. 

Meeting Meaningful Use criteria, according to the company, needs virtually no additional effort. You have to sign up and follow the on-screen directions to enter your report card results.

MediTouch EHR Demo  

The MediTouch EHR Software also includes a free demo that you can obtain before purchasing the product. We encourage scheduling a demo because it will assist you in making an informed decision for your healthcare practice. 

The MediTouch EHR demo allows you to dig deeper into the software’s various features in a real-world healthcare setting. 

MediTouch EHR Software Price 

MediTouch does not make its pricing methodology available to the public; thus, you must contact the company directly to obtain a quote. You can, however, register on the company’s website, and a representative will contact you shortly. According to the website, there are no start-up costs, no training fees, and system updates, making the MediTouch EHR Software cost affordable. 

MediTouch EHR Reviews 

You may learn more about MediTouch EHR and its features by reading the perspectives of current users. In addition, the MediTouch reviews are available from a variety of web sources. You can read them to learn more about the software. 

According to existing users, the following are the specific benefits and drawbacks of MediTouch EHR Software. 


  • MediTouch EHR is adaptable and adjustable, making it suitable for almost any medical specialty. 
  • The MediTouch EHR is more feature-rich than its competitors. 
  • The MediTouch EHR Software price is quite reasonable. 
  • Customer service replies quickly. 


  • The software updates often, resulting in glitches that can hinder your work. 

Our Final Thoughts About MediTouch EHR Software 

If you are contemplating whether MediTouch EHR is a wise investment or not, then don’t worry, as we are here to help you. But, first, read as many MediTouch EHR reviews as you can find on the internet to get a sense of what healthcare providers think of MediTouch EHR. 

Another suggestion is to ask the seller for a MediTouch EHR software demo so you can witness the EHR Software in action. Furthermore, because you will have seen the software in action, you will be better equipped to appraise it and will be able to make a more educated decision about whether or not it meets your expectations. 

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