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Are Bed Bugs Dangerous? How to Keep Them Away from Your Home?

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Bed bugs are small parasites that feed exclusively on blood from vertebrates, including humans. They are virtually found in homes, offices, hotels, and hospitals. These pests have been part of human society from the beginning because humans are their hosts too. They are small, elusive, and can hide easily during the day, making it hard to physically remove or kill every individual. They hide behind wall plates and baseboards.

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

Many people wonder if bed bugs are dangerous. To answer this question, bed bugs do not pose a great health risk. However, they are sure to create inconvenience during night sleep. In some cases, bad allergic reactions are reported severe itchiness, painful swelling, fever coupled with flu blisters. Cases of hives have also been reported. Allergic reactions to bed bugs’ bites should be treated seriously.

Can We Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs do not have a central nest like ants or termites. if a single pregnant female remains left in the home after the bed bugs termination, the infestation process can be reversed. Bed bugs’ habits coupled with their life cycle make them a very hard pest to get rid of.

Today, anyone having trouble with bed bugs can know the most effective treatment methods from pest control experts in Surrey. A bed bug infestation is the same as cockroaches and other pests, but they cannot be seen by the naked eye. They will penetrate across the hallway; make their way through the walls, or even the floor or ceiling. So what precautions we should practice to avoid them in our home and bed? Let’s find out about them:

Ways to Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Once they are identified in the home and mattress, they should be skillfully treated. It is somehow difficult to eliminate bed bugs from your home but not in any case impossible. Hiring professional bed bugs exterminators can be heavy on your budget so here are some other fewer budget treatments you can opt for to get rid of bed bugs. For example, you can vacuum and steam clean everything. And to keep your home permanently free from bed bugs and other insects, keep checking and repeating these hacks repeatedly.

Here are some other methods you can opt for to make your home bed bugs free:

Choose specific sprays

In the markets, there are several sprays available for pesticides but choose a spray specifically designed for bed bugs. While handling these kinds of sprays, the labeled instructions should be strictly followed. The sprays which have (essential oils) are more effective. Let the spray area be completely delayed to get good results. Don’t clean or wipe the surfaces where the spray has been used.

Keep your home free of filth and unnecessary items

As it will reduce the number of hidden places. When the bed bugs find suitable circumstances to reproduce it will be difficult for you to locate and handle them. Bed bugs cab be multiplied by double within 15-16 days. If your mattress is their bedroom, arrange a fully zipped encasement for your mattress. Make sure you have chosen a product that is perfectly tested against bed bugs.

Wash bedsheets and blankets with warm water

This washing technique will cut down the number of bed bugs. Bed bugs usually hide close to their host. Their flattened bodies help them to fit into tiny cracks no wider than a toothpick.

Heat treatment

Heat treatments are well known for eliminating bed bugs instantly. It can be well accomplished by the pest control company. Licensed professionals with specialized equipment will heat your room to between 135f (57.2) and 145f (62.7c). The technicians from the company will carefully monitor the process. So, that air is heated enough to kill bed bugs but not hot to that extend to cause damage. As a consequence, bed bugs and their eggs will die immediately.

Summing up

Once you have signs of bed bugs in your home or office, be determined to clean up your area. Because the long time you take to proceed, the more expensive and time-consuming it will become. While these DIY methods may offer temporary respite, you may not be able to get rid of bed bugs altogether. For this, you need to rely on the best bed bug control Surrey services. It may cost you a bit, but the results are surely going to be satisfactory and worth your money.

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