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Are Kegel Exercises Really Work On Premature Ejaculation?

by Dr. Steven John
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If you are a person who is constantly worried about coming too early that is ejaculating soon while having sex, then you must be facing premature ejaculation. You may relax as premature ejaculation is a normal condition and it won’t bother you much but will hurt your sex life. Hence treating it becomes a matter of concern as you don’t want to ruin your sex life, right? There are plenty of ways to overcome erectile dysfunction but it’s good to go natural. Have you heard about kegel exercises for PE? You might have, right? But does it help for PE? To get your answers, read this text.


What Are Kegel Exercises for Men?


Kegel exercises are getting immensely getting popular and men are using them to boost their sexual functioning. But are these exercises worth the hype? Yes, they are. Kegel exercises are for pelvic floor muscles. Pelvic floor muscles constantly relax and contract in these exercises. This activity further strengthens the pelvic floor muscles which help men deal with sexual life for better. Kegel exercises were first described in 1984 and there was no looking back. Whenever you search online for ways to boost your sexual function you will always find level exercises in the list. This exercise was initially helpful to women during childbirth. But now you can use them for:

  •   overactive bladder,
  •   male lower urinary tract symptoms,
  •   post radical prostatectomy,
  •   urinary incontinence,
  •   erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Most importantly, this exercise does not need the aid of any trainer or equipment but you will have to identify the right muscles to successfully do it. Also with this exercise, you can overcome ED without any medication.


Does kegel exercises really work for treating premature ejaculation?


Overall it’s a big yes! Performing kegel exercises can certainly help men deal with premature ejaculation. If you identify the exact muscle and perform it the right way then you get a hit. You can easily treat premature ejaculation by performing kegel exercises at home. According to a review, 82.5% of men had improvement in premature ejaculation. Although researchers say and prove that these kegel exercises can help, all you need to take care of is doing it right. Take your time, have patience and try to perform it.


How to perform kegel exercises for premature ejaculation?


As the first step to performing Kegel exercises, you must find the right pelvic muscles. For doing this you can imagine and feel like you are trying to stop peeing or passing wind. This will lay stress on your muscles and hence you will be able to identify it. Initially, you can try this exercise by sitting on a chair as it will feel easier. Keep your feet on the floor and legs apart. Here are some exercises that you can perform:

Exercise:1 Slow switch

Firstly put stress on the muscles of your anus as if you are holding a fart then pull up the muscles at the urethra as you are stopping pee. Try and hold that squeeze till the count of 10 and then relax for another 10 counts. Repeat this exercise until you feel exhausted.

Exercise:2 Fast Switch

This exercise is pretty simple and the same as above but is faster. In this, you will have to pull up your pelvic muscles as mentioned above and then hold them for a second and leave. Repeat this exercise until you feel exhausted.


Note: Remember the first time you will attempt to do this you might fail to hold the squeeze for long and it’s certainly normal. Practicing it daily will help you get better.

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What are the benefits of level exercises for men?


Kegel exercises can be employed as a first-line treatment for men who are suffering from urinary incontinence. Patients must start performing level exercises before the session of radical prostatectomy and keep it going for better results. Bladder issues can take place both in men and women and when you do this exercise the contraction can lay force on the bladder. This is why it can help deal with overactive bladder. Researchers are specifically interested in investigating the role of level exercise in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Research has been conducted that has shown some improvement in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men who performed Kegel exercises with such medication as Levitra/ Vardenafil. This research was conducted with 15 months of trials. The improvement was significant and noticeable. Researchers are constantly focusing on level exercises for premature ejaculation and have noticed an improvement of about 50% of people. This improvement was lifelong and not temporary. Innumerable men feel a frequent urge to urinate at night which can be termed as nocturia.

kegel-exercises-for-menThis is certainly an issue, but thankfully you can overcome it with the usage of pelvic floor exercises. Kegel exercises are side effects free and harmless if performed with the right techniques. People who perform Kegel exercises the wrong way can feel slight abdominal pain as a side effect. You need to take proper education and get training before performing kegel exercises. You can also consult your doctor about how to perform these exercises.



You must not get nervous if you are facing premature ejaculation as it is a totally normal condition that affects many in the world. Also, it is a completely treatable issue and you will be better soon with just kegel exercises. These exercises can help you increase the strength of pelvic muscles and help you stay longer in bed. But for most of the part, you will have to perform it daily without quitting.



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