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Are Self-Tanning Drops Healthy to Use? How to Apply Them Properly?

by Golden Health Centers

Let’s face it, we all love the look of a sun-kissed glow, but we don’t want the health risks of too much sun exposure. That’s where self-tanning products come in, allowing you to enjoy the look of a tan without having to spend hours in the sun. But are these products safe to use? With the cosmetics industry growing fast, it’s prudent to find out which products are safe for your skin before using them. Before we dive into the topic, you may, first of all, want to know what self-tanning is. Read on to find more.

What Is Self-Tanning?

Self-tanning is a process whereby an individual applies a self-tanning product to their skin to achieve a tanned appearance without exposing themselves to UV rays. Self-tanning products typically contain an active ingredient known as DHA, which reacts with the amino acids in the dead cells of the epidermis to produce a browning effect.

The process involves applying tanning drops to the skin to make it appear darker and more bronze-like. Self-tanning drops are oils that can trigger the production of melanin in your skin, leading to a safe tan. They usually come in a small bottle with a dropper.

Are Self-Tanning Drops Safe?

According to the Harvard Medical School, self-tanning drops are safe for your health. This product is unlike sunbathing, which can cause skin damage. The sun contains harmful ultraviolet rays. Any time you expose your skin to it, the body will try to defend itself by producing more melanin, a pigment that typically absorbs UV light.

While melanin protects you from possible harm from UV light, it damages cells. Therefore, dermatologists highly recommend self-tanning drops over sunbathing for anyone that wants tanned skin.

How to Apply Self-Tanning Drops

As mentioned, self-tanning drops come in a small bottle with a dropper. You can put a few drops on your palm, rub your palms together, and apply the oil on your skin.

However, experts have a different thing to say. According to them, you should mix your self-tanning drops with your favorite body oil or lotion. Once the two are evenly mixed, put the mixture on your palm, rub your palms together, and smear the mix on your skin.

This method is more beneficial. More specifically, instead of just getting the tanning effect from the self-tanning drops, you will also enjoy extra benefits. The body lotion provides moisturizing and toning features.

For effective self-tanning, follow this procedure:

  • Prepare Your Skin for Tanning

Before you apply the self-tanning drops, you should prepare your skin by exfoliating. This step is essential as it helps open clogged pores and remove dead skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Ensure you use a facial scrub that is gentle and friendly to your skin type.

  • Mix Your Tanning Drops and Body Cream

Here, you need to apply a few drops, say five, of the self-tanning oil into your body cream. You may start with fewer drops and increase as necessary. Remember, your results directly depend on the body lotion or cream ratio to the number of self-tanning drops.

  • Smear the Mix Onto the Skin

Smooth the mixture with your palms and apply it on your skin, massaging gently for maximum absorption. Depending on your intended results, you can use the mix daily or every other day.


It is worth noting that tanning face drops are a safer way to achieve bronzy skin compared to sunbathing. Also, there is a wide range of products on the market, each designed for a specific skin type. They also come with different added benefits and prices. So, do your homework well and determine your favorite.


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