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Best Travel Snacks for Frequent Travellers Who Want to Stay Fit

by Eada Hudes

If you are constantly searching for a view that takes your breath away, it implies you have wanderlust. It is pertinent for you to look for food choices that are healthy. Whether travelling by car or plane, you can always hit on food that refuels your body positively. Healthy snacks help in body nourishment and also satisfy your hunger between the stops. Stocking up with healthy snacks prior to travelling prevents you from overpriced rest stop fare and at the same times prevents from unpredictable delays that cause unnecessary irritation while travelling. 

Also, to prevent yourself from offset vacation weight gain, it makes sense to follow your healthy eating routine. Whether travelling by car or plane you can still make healthy choices.

By Car

Packing a few healthy and mess-free snacks is always a good idea. Especially when you’re travelling with your bunch, you might have not turned the corner and they would be begging for food. 

  • For meals: whole grain pasta, turkey and cottage cheese/ quinoa salad, hard-boiled eggs complemented with whole grain or pita bread are some options.
  • For snacks: Fresh fruit salad, cheese and whole-grain crackers, Greek yoghurt, protein/ snack bar, oatmeal bowl, hummus cups, fresh and dry fruits, pretzels are few options among more.

By Plane

Travelling by plane these days don’t provide many healthy options. Purchasing food onboard or at the airport will cost you more and without much options to choose from. Instead of few snacks and sandwiches can be packed prior to travelling such as grilled chicken and lettuce mustard sauce filled whole grain wrap, whipped cheese and cucumber sandwich, peanut butter and jelly, hummus with whole wheat pita. Among snacks, hummus cups, whole fruits, cut vegetables and snack bars are few healthy options.

At the Hotel

Buying some easy or no preparation food such as whole-grain cereal and milk, dry nuts, greek yoghurt, pre-cut veggies always helps in satisfying travel hunger. Also, if a microwave is available in the room buying kernel popcorns and brown bags are always a good option.

Other than travel in leisure time, many professionals have to travel often for work purposes. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routines for such individuals can be more difficult. Business travellers can plan ahead and pack some perishable food items for their trip if the travel durations is of day or two. These may include fresh fruits, hard-boiled eggs, cut vegetables, precooked meat and whole-grain sandwiches, cheese sticks and more. In order to prevent overeating and staling of food items, it’s suitable to pack food as single-serving as suggested by many dieticians in London that can be put in resealable zip bags and also can be kept cool by placing them in the handy cooler.  

For long-duration travels or people who don’t like to keep perishable items along can still pack healthy snacks to satisfy their hunger. These may include dry nuts or seeds, popcorn, pretzels, trail mix and others.

Happy and healthy travels this season!

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