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Best Ways To Overcome Anxiety | Types and Medication

by alextimothy90

Anxiety is a constant feeling of apprehension that something terrible is going to happen. It is normal when it remains under control. But when it starts affecting everyday life and persists even when the situation is not dread, then it needs medical treatment.

The problem is anxiety is that it remains in some cases, even when the situation is normal. Many people think that this is a phase that passes eventually. It happens in many cases, but in some anxiety becomes a persisting problem. Anxiety is different from stress. Stress is worried about some personal or business issues. Anxiety levels in extreme is a disorder that needs cure before it gets worse. American psychiatric association observed that more women than males face this issue. 

Type of anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders can appear in the following forms:


Phobia is excess fear of some activity, object or situation or place. A person with claustrophobia, for example, may never enter into an elevator, even when there is no one there.

Panic attack

Pain attack is a recurring fear that something is going to happen and we are totally helpless to deal with the situation. However, doctors have observed males using Sildenafil Citrate 120mg for erectile dysfunction also have higher anxiety levels.

Social anxiety disorder

The fear of being judged by others, which makes it difficult to function freely in society.

Obsessive compulsions disorders make one repeat a particular activity several times a day without any apparent reason.  

These are major anxiety disorders. The other anxiety disorders are fear of separation from family and dear ones. Constant worry about health, again without any apparent reason. Post-traumatic stress disorder is anxiety after a traumatic event or experience.


Understand symptoms to cure it

Know the symptoms of the anxiety attack

Whenever you feel increased heart rate, shallow breathing, restlessness, difficulty in falling asleep, and trouble concentrating, you should know that these are anxiety symptoms and you need professional help. There is variation in the symptoms from individual to Individual.

Treatment methods

The treatment should start with its own evaluation. Try to get into the fear behind anxiety disorder. Every anxiety disorder is a fear in some form. Analyse whether this fear is rational or irrational. Are there factors in real life that can lead to a change in the situation for you? What are these factors and how are they going to make things worse for you?

Analyse your fears

Write your fears on paper. Do these exercises for several days. You may find that some of the fears are coming again and again in your writing. And many of these are irrational. These may be just your imagination going wrong. You will find that in the majority of cases, your fears are imagined fears. The possibility of these fears coming in real life may be close to zero.

The second step is to try to go things that are opposite to the fears or imagine fears

Get into an elevator, if claustrophobia is your fear or anxiety. Try to live a life that will be an antidote to anxiety. Get up early in the morning or at your usual time. Perform some basic stretching exercises to tone the muscles. Take a few deep breaths. Believe me, deep abdominal breathing creates immediate impact. You feel relaxed instantly.

Keep mind busy

Get engaged in normal activities you perform every day without giving space to the imagination of fear. Because most of the fears leading to anxiety attacks are imagined fears. Or take up any hobby or activity that makes you happy. The basic idea is to keep your mind away from the fears.

Avoid smoking, alcohol or use of recreational drugs

Temporary relief makes it difficult to get back to the real world of fear. Stop these activities giving you temporary relief. Nicotine in cigarettes, caffeine in beverages makes things worse for you if you have anxiety issues.


Find your own method of relaxation. The methods which give you relaxation without effort to get into relaxation mode. It could be yoga, meditation, doing nothing for some time, listening to music or reading some genre.   

Counselling sessions

Before going for medication, try professional help from a psychologist. The counselling sessions with the psychologist are one on one session. The professional listens to you and your fears in a soothing and relaxing ambience at the clinic. When you pour out your heart without any hesitation, you get immense relief.

The professional analyses your fears and tries to implement cognitive behaviour therapy. It helps you to change your experience towards the same events which early causes fear or anxiety. The changed behaviour allows you to take into stride the hitherto fearful event. Counselling sessions work in the majority of cases to deal with emotional and psychological issues. Some emotional conflicts can be behind your anxiety levels.

Change diet

Nutritionists agree that some foods and fruits can alleviate the mood. These foods include dark chocolate, berries, bananas, fish, almonds, eggs, dairy products, citrus fruits and blueberries etc. Vitamin C, antioxidants in fruits improve brain health, which is one of the aims of all anxiety treatments.

Protein and other amino acids produce neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin to improve brain function and health.  


Many patients suffering from some medical ailment or other also deal with anxiety disorders. The doctor tries to find the underlying cause before charting a medical course. The medications may be for the treatment of underlying causes.

These causes may be a heart problem, diabetes, blood pressure issue, thyroid issue, and misuse of drugs, withdrawal symptoms of some drugs, withdrawal symptoms of alcohol, some tumour or irritable bowel syndrome.  

Without any underlying medical issue, doctors may prescribe antidepressants drugs, bupropion, beta-blockers, anticonvulsants drugs, antipsychotic drugs etc. males suffering from anxiety-induced erectile dysfunction are prescribed Generic Cialis 60 mg by doctors for severe cases. If you are using such medicine, avoid other medicines with tadalafil to prevent a reaction. Keep a gap of at least 36 hours between tadalafil and other medicines.


Anxiety disorders are a common type of fears associated with particular events or situations. Take natural cure methods to get rid of underlying fears and imagined fears. Take the help of professionals when you do not get relief from natural cure methods. However, continue to use natural remedies to get permanent relief along with medication.

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