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Best Yoga Pose To Treat Irregular Period

by jagannadh
Best Yoga Pose To Treat Irregular Period

Nowadays, the hectic life schedules of mature women and young girls tend to make them suffer from the problem of irregular periods. The usual period of a menstrual cycle in the life of a woman or girl is of 28 days. But due to stress, the period becomes erratic and irregular each month. Mental stress is the sole cause of irregular periods, but other factors like sudden weight gain, strenuous physical workouts, emotional trauma, hypertension, fluctuating body weight, etc also cause irregular periods. This can cause numerous problems in a woman’s life as due to irregular periods they have to suffer from stomach cramps, intense fatigue, heavy bleeding, etc. Even though there are medicines available to treat this problem irregularly period, they have specific side effects. Rather one can prefer yoga to cure irregular periods.

It is the best alternative to taking chemical medicines with side effects. Yoga is an ancient natural physical exercise that helps to enhance reproductive well-being and regularize the menstrual cycles. By practicing yoga, one will get relief from stress, calm their mind and have a healthy body which will help in treating the irregular period. Below are some of the amazing yoga asanas that will help you to treat the problem of irregular periods:


The Dhanurasana is one of the best effective yoga poses for irregular periods.  Apart from treating the irregular period problem, this asana is beneficial to decrease fat accumulated in the tummy and strengthen the spinal cord, thighs, and ankles. This yoga asana is also known as bow pose as, while performing this asana, the body shape resembles the shape of a bow.

To perform this pose, you have to lay down on the ground and ensure that your stomach touches the floor. Your feet should be spread apart, and your arms should be kept alongside your body. Then you have to lift your lower legs and keep them steady by holding on to your ankles with your hand. After this, you have to raise your legs and chest off the surface by taking a deep breath. To get effective results, you have to stay in this pose for 10-15 seconds, then gradually bring your legs and upper body back to the floor.


Matsyasana is also another effective yoga posture to handle hormonal imbalances.  This asana helps in reducing the excruciating pain due to menstruation. It will help you to stretch your chest, shoulders, and neck. To perform this pose, you have to lie flat down on the ground surface. Your elbows should be touching the waistline, and your arms should be under the hips. You need to bend both your knees in a cross-legged pose and ensure that the thigh touches the floor. Then you need to inhale and raise your upper body and the head’s back.  You can hold this position for a few minutes to receive some amazing results.


If you are looking for asanas of yoga for irregular periods and PCOS, then the ustrasna is suitable for you. It is a great yoga pose that helps regulate the period and relieve menstrual pain. Apart from this, it also improves your back posture and increases your body’s flexibility. Moreover, your back and shoulder are strengthened by regularly practicing this pose. The other name of this asana is the camel pose as while practicing this pose; the body shape resembles a camel’s shape. To perform this pose, you have to kneel on the floor and ensure that your knees and shoulders are aligned. Then you have to extend your body backward and hold your knees. After this, you have to push your hips forward and then drop your head backside. To get effective results, you need to hold this position for 20-25 seconds.


The bhujangasana is another effective yoga for irregular menses. This asana is an excellent option to enhance the functioning of your reproductive system. Apart from curing the problem of irregular periods, this yoga asana also enhances the blood circulation in your body as well as opens up your chest. The other name of this pose is the cobra pose. To perform this pose, you have to lie down with your stomach touching the floor. You need to keep your palms near your face on the ground and also keep your legs together. After this, you need to inhale and gently raise your upper body with your palms’ help. It would be best if you stretched your neck as much as possible. If you want to get effective results, you need to hold this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute.


Another best yoga poses to cure an irregular period is the malasana. The other name of this pose is the garland pose, and basically, it is a squatting asana. This asana enhances your body metabolism, strengthens your groin, and is also beneficial for the reproductive system. To perform this pose, you have to squat down with feet closer to each other and keep your thighs wide apart. To fit your body in between the thigh, you have to bend your body. Then you have to bring both palms in the Namaste position and hold this position for 30 seconds to get effective results.

Baddha Konasana

The baddha konasana, also known as butterfly pose, helps in improving the reproductive system of a woman. Apart from improving the reproductive system, one can practice this yoga posture to tackle irregular periods as well as stimulate different body organs like the bladder and kidney. It also helps the mind to get rid of stress. To perform this pose, one has to sit down on the floor and ensure that the knees are bent and the feet’ soles touch each other. Then you have to start flapping your thighs downward and upward without moving your feet and practice this thing for a few minutes.

Thus, you can practice the above-discussed yoga asanas for the irregular period. These yoga asanas help you cure the problem of irregular periods and enhance the functioning of your reproductive system and strengthen your body muscles and parts.

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