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Can Psychological Problems Be Improved Only With Online Therapy?

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In this sophisticated era, everything is accessible online . Starting from monitoring the latest news around the world, shopping, to buying medicines online . In fact, now psychological therapy can also be done online which is called online therapy. Yes, you only need to ‘click’ once and immediately connect to an online therapy site from a mental health professional.

In fact, therapy through cyberspace is more practical without having to leave home. However,

What do we do during online therapy?

Therapy online , also known as e-therapy , e-counseling , telephonologi , or counseling cyber , is a therapeutic method that connects the counselor with their patients through cyberspace. Here, counselors can only provide psychological support over the internet, either through an instant messaging app, email, or video call .

Sometimes, online therapy is still underestimated by some of the world’s mental health experts. Even according to a study published in the World Journal of Psychiatry, patients who receive mental health services via video calls experience better psychological changes than ever before, as reported by Very Well.

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But, what are the benefits of online therapy?F

1. Anonymity

It may be difficult for some individuals to go to a psychological center to receive treatment because they do not like people to think they have a problem, because of the social stigma associated with therapy. Online therapy, when conducted from home, makes it easier for patients to maintain their name .

Thus, it makes it easier for clients to feel less expressive by not being seen by others in the waiting room, by administrative staff or any other person passing through the clinic when entering the clinic.

2. Privacy

This uncertainty can also benefit patients to feel more comfortable and communicate more openly.
Doing therapy from home makes the situation less threatening and patients feel less judged, which can be beneficial for treating sensitive issues.

Additionally, Online Therapy is particularly useful for people who have difficulty traveling , for example, people with reduced mobility, or those who are in difficult access areas. Thanks to online therapy, this group has the opportunity to access psychological help, even if you live in a distant country due to some circumstances.

3. Continuous tracking

Y It is also important for people who do psychological therapy at a particular center , have had to leave the city for different reasons (for example, for work). Online therapy makes it easier for patients, those who go elsewhere, to stay in touch with their psychotherapy, which makes it easier for them to achieve higher levels of satisfaction and well -being.

4. Lower cost

This online therapy is relatively low in cost than traditional therapy . In addition, patients also avoid the costs incurred from travel, making online therapy accessible to all pockets.

5. Flexible schedule

One of the advantages of it is that it allows to choose a more appropriate schedule without interrupting activities such as work or study . This helps clients tailor therapy to their agenda and the rhythm of their lives.

6. Trust

Performing therapy from home and from a place where you feel safe can eliminate external factors that can interfere with the effectiveness of therapeutic communication . Similarly, online therapy also favors a sense of control and familiarity through therapeutic relationships, achieving greater adherence.

7. Different ways to handle information

It allows for exploring some forms of communication that may be appropriate for some patients . For example, email can be useful in the expression of feelings for those who do not express themselves well in words.

Well, the presence of this online therapy can be fresh air for people with disabilities. They can still get psychological counseling without having to bother getting out of the house or thinking about other people’s views on it.

Face -to -face therapy cannot be replaced by online therapy.

However, face -to -face therapy cannot replace by web-based therapy.
Struggling with the face, counselors can more easily diagnose mental health problems experienced by patients at rehabilitation centers.

Counselors can see the patient’s facial expressions, body language, and voice to make diagnosis easier. Because, these things can provide a clearer picture of the patient’s feelings, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors toward the counselor.

However, therapy is online can still be done to solve life, work, and romance problems. That have a negative impact on a person’s psychological state. The patient may not have time to meet with the counselor directly, but needs a solution as soon as possible so as not to exacerbate the psychological disorder.

Before you decide to conduct therapy through cyberspace, consider first about confidentiality, guaranteed ethical and legal issues, and therapeutic eligibility. As much as possible try to consult face to face with the counselor to get more satisfactory results.

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