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Diagnostic Centre In India | Updated List Of 2021

by rohitcool2
Diagnostic centre in India

Are you looking for best diagnostic centres in India?

If yes, then read this article till the end in which I have shared a list of the 15 best diagnostic centres in India

Diagnostic Centre In India

1. Lucid Medical Diagnostics

Lucid Medical  Diagnostic & Research Centre offers a complete range of diagnostic facilities in Pathology, Radiology, Neurology, Cardiology and much more.

They have got a team of dedicated professionals, medical staff and doctors engaged in providing ultra-modern diagnostic facilities to the patients all across India.

2. PH Diagnostic Centre

This is one of the most trusted and ISO Certified medical diagnostic centre in Pune with over 19 years of expertise and excellence in health care services.

It was started in the year 2001 and has grown to be one of the best diagnostics companies in Bangalore with branches all across India.

It also has an amazing team of doctors and medical staff who are well qualified, experienced and talented as well.

3. Nirman Hi-Tech

Started with just a microscope way back in  1982, Nirman Hi-Tech has come a long way in the field of medical diagnostics in India.

Nirman Hi-Tech is also a NABL accredited diagnostic centre in India.  Hence, one can be assured of getting quality diagnostics tests at Nirman Hi-Tech.

4. SRL Diagnostics

SRL Diagnostics is a diagnostic company based in India and famous for providing diagnostic services in pathology and radiology.

It has its headquarter and corporate office in Gurugram along with branches in Mumbai and Haryana. This diagnostic company also has more than 418 networking laboratories located all across India.

5. Vijaya Diagnostic Centre

As the name says, Vijaya Diagnostic Centre is yet another top diagnostic centre in India. It is one of the largest diagnostic networks with over 78 state-of-the-art centres spread across 12 cities.

Currently, this diagnostic centre is run and managed by Dr S. Surender Reddy who is also the founder of Vijaya Diagnostic Centre.

6. Life Care Diagnostics

Life Care Diagnostics started out at a small scale in 1995 with a mission to provide diagnostic services for the common man. Soon it scaled and became a top-notch diagnostic centre in India offering the common man with access to premium quality diagnostics at reasonable costs.

Over the two decades, Life Care has been providing premium reporting and diagnostics under the guidance of highly trained doctors and skilled staff.

7. Shah Bazker

With a vision of offering accurate, transparent, genuine and state-of-the-art diagnostic services under one roof, in a reliable, affordable and customer-centric manner, Shah Bazker Diagnostic is next in this list.

Shah Bazker Diagnostic Centre has constantly worked towards providing top quality diagnostic solutions by using the latest and updated technologies to deliver best-in-class healthcare to its patients.

8. Sirona Diagnostics

Established in 1995, Sirona Diagnostics is the country’s premier full-service diagnostic centre with laboratory, providing expertise in imaging and digital pathology services.

They have got a highly skilled team of medical professionals including physicians, scientists, medical technologists and medical technicians all working together with care.

9. Apollo Diagnostic

When talking about the best diagnostics centres in India, this blog post cannot get over without mentioning about Apollo Diagnostic.

Apollo Diagnostic is committed and dedicated to providing quality diagnostic & laboratory services in 100% accurate and transparent manner, by using state-of-art medical equipment.

10. Prima Diagnostics

A favourite amongst clinicians, speciality hospitals, and other path labs, Prima Diagnostics is known for accurate, genuine and final diagnosis and blood tests using most advanced technology and skills, and for its excellence in molecular and clinical diagnostics.

Prima Diagnostics is also having years of trust, and accuracy in pathology testing.

11. Sunrise Diagnosis

Sunrise Diagnosis has a highly-skilled, talented and experienced team of qualified doctors, nurses, medical and administrative staff with a combined experience of 100+ years.

The usage of advanced technology and a wide range of testing services makes Sunrise Diagnosis an ideal choice for all clinical activities in India.

12. Sky Diagnostic Centre

Sky Diagnostic Centre is on a mission to promote advanced diagnostic and medical services that can be useful for each and every person and contribute towards the advancement of healthcare in India.

This Diagnostic Centre has got over 4,000 tests including basic routine tests, to the most complex text using modern technologies.

13. Lucid Diagnostics

Lucid Diagnostic Centre is one of the leading diagnostic centres in the city of Hyderabad, established by Sunitha Lingareddy in the year 2006.

Today, Lucid Diagnostics has a team of 450+ medical staff, 50+ well-qualified doctors and 32+ centres located all across India.

14. Dangs Lab

Dr. Dangs Lab has redefined diagnostics services, which until then occupied the lower rungs of the healthcare ladder.

With modern technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure and with a team of talented staff, Dr. Dangs Lab has revolutionized this vital healthcare and medical diagnostic sector over the last decade.

15. Oncquest Labs

Oncquest Lab is the only diagnostic centre in India that has a combination of unparalleled report quality, personalised attention to patients, ethical work ideals and the high reputation in the diagnostic community.




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