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When your tears are unable to adequately lubricate your eyes, dry eye disease, a common illness, develops. There are various reasons why tears may be insufficient and unstable.

For instance, dry eyes may develop if your tear production is inadequate or of poor quality. The instability of the tears causes inflammation and surface damage to the eye.

It’s unpleasant to have dry eyes. Your eyes may sting or burn if you have dry eyes. You may have dry eyes in some situations, such as on an airline, in an air-conditioned room, when riding a bike, or after looking at a computer screen for a few hours

Symptoms, which typically affect both eyes:

  • an itch, sting, or burning sensation in your eyes
  • eye stringy mucus in or around
  • sensitivity to light
  • A reddened eye
  • a feeling that something is in your eyes
  • Using contact lenses is challenging
  • Driving at night can be challenging.
  • The body’s reaction to dry eyes’ irritability is watery eyes.
  • vision haze or eye strain


Most persons with mild or infrequent dry eye symptoms can get by with regular use of over-the-counter eyedrops (artificial tears). You have additional options if your symptoms are severe and persistent. What you should do will depend on the reason for your dry eyes.

A condition or element that is causing your dry eyes may be reversed or managed as part of several treatments. Other therapies can enhance the quality of your tears or prevent them from evaporating too soon.

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