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Essential Smartphone Accessories for Fitness Freak

by ericaalex

Are you searching for essential accessories for fitness freaks? Today in this high-tech era we all have a busy lifestyle so taking care of our bodies is also important for us. These days a lot of smartphone accessories are available in the market so that we can utilize exercise time properly. But selecting perfect fitness freak smartphone accessories is very important. As we all know we all have different needs according to our body fitness targets. You need an essential kit of tech gadget accessories that offer detailed insights for your workout. Markets are full of these accessories but all are not suitable for fitness. For example while doing exercise we want some device that provide us stats about our health. There are armbands, Fitbit one, sports trackers and many more .

But phone cover, selfies stick and airpod case cover are used for protecting our electronics product in daily life. These fitness gadgets offer you a helping hand if you want a little extra from your exercise routine. You are reading this blog means you want to know the latest fitness smartphone accessories. We are going to discuss all the top essential smartphone accessories for fitness freaks. Keep reading to learn more.  

Need of Essential Smartphone Accessories for Fitness Freaks:

These all essential accessories for fitness freaks help you to protect your body. Using these kinds of gadgets with advanced sensors and intelligent applications may effectively optimize your body-construction process and increase growth results. The top fitness smartphone accessories are described in this blog will a helpful addition to your fitness set. You can easily achieve your body fitness targets. As we all know we are living in 21 century. 

We have a busy lifestyle so if you really want to fit your body you should use these electronic devices. Eating the best diet is not the only solution for fitness we should use smart gadgets to work smartly in this fast-growing world. Your Smartphone takes your fitness to another level.

Top 10 Essential Smartphone Accessories for Fitness Freak:

1. Fitbit One:

It is an ultimate fitness device that has an intelligent analyzing system according to sensors. These all sensors are configured and implemented in the form of a conventional USB stick. There are many qualities such as versatility, lightweight, and intelligence with the latest Bluetooth support. It is capable of carefully analyzing your daily routine even if you sleep. By using this gadget you can accurately track your number of steps. It will also tell you how many calories you were burned in a day and the distance you traveled. You can check the result on display. It has an attractive function that liked by youth is the asleep analyzer, which offers a lot of required information to the user. These will show you how much time was needed to fall asleep and the number of times sleeps disrupted.

2. Zensorium Tinke for iPhone:

This is a sensorial device that is used to monitor cardio respiratory health and stress levels. It has a pair of accurate optical sensors that can measure the traveling level of oxygen via blood. You can simply analyze it by attaching it with your fingertip. Moreover, it also detects heart and respiratory rates that help to manage your body attributes.

3. Adidas miCouch PACER Bundle:

Adidas miCouch PACER Bundle is a very important gadget for athletes. It is featured with a stride sensor that is combined with a light heart rate monitor. This gadget can analyze and estimate complete distance by runner carefully. You just need to put several body parameters. These all combining attributes help the runner to optimize the fitness program. It has also interesting features like the personal trainer feature that acts like a virtual, audio-capable trainer. You can upload all data online then view visual graphics and stats visually.

4. Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor 2:

A sports tracker is a heart rate monitor that has Bluetooth features and pairs with your smartphone through a dedicated application. It will show you how much effort your heart is really putting into an exercise. Moreover, you can make settings as per your need and user can set alerts for notification.

5. Running Armband for holding the phone:

While running, the armband is essential because putting your phone in your pocket may cause it to fall out. It works with all smartphones and may be used as a reflective border for added safety. There are many kinds of armbands in the market:

Amphibx Waterproof Armband:

This armband is very useful while doing swimming because it is waterproof. There no issue using it in the rainy season. You can avail different version that fits on your waist.

Belkin EaseFit Plus Armband:

It is a trendy and stylish armband that is designed for Samsung Galaxy S3. This armband is helping fitness lovers to concentrate on the workout.

Incipio Performance:

Incipio armband is a perfect lightweight carrying solution for the iPhone user. You can do running, dancing, lifting weight or stretching very easily. This device is available in a stylish design and a play-through shield that protects your lovable mobile.

Armpocket XTREME i-30:

Armpocket is a large model that can easily fit any large size gadget. It is the best choice when somebody wants to finish a long training session. This armband comes with three interior pockets and a touch-sensitive window.

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6. Wireless Charging Stand:

This device is great for charging your phone without having to use a cable. This charging pad is quite attractive and comes in a variety of neutral hues, including black, white, and navy.

7. External Battery Pack:

This power bank is extremely beneficial to anyone who owns a smartphone. As we all know, technology advances every year, and we receive the most up-to-date gadgets. There is a USB-C port on it. You can fast charge your Smartphone as well as several gadgets.

8. Smartwatch:

Smartwatches are a popular technology among youths and young people these days. It has GPS, microphone, Google assistant, music storage, and controls, as well as heart rate tracking, smartphone notifications, and NFC payments. You can also change the look of your watch face.

9. Headphones:

In recent years, these headphones have become far too popular. They feature outstanding sound quality and stunning designs. You can listen to songs and work out for long hours. It appears to be quite fashionable and stylish. Everyone wants one for their gadget collection.

10. Popsockets Phone Grip and Stand:

These days, we all like large-screen smartphones, thus our beloved device is subject to the dropdown. This pop socket phone grip is quite useful for holding a phone properly. It is simple to connect to the back of your phone. In the market, they come in a variety of colors and designs.

Final words

We are hoping that you enjoy reading this blog. After reading this article you are now able to select the best fitness accessory for achieving your body-building targets. There are a ton of gadgets are available in the market in the latest design, model, features, and colors. If you finally decide to buy your desired fitness freak gadget then come to Esource Parts. Visit the official website of Esource Parts and get the best deals and offers on these devices. Armbands, Fitbits, sports trackers, and a variety of other items are among them. However, in everyday life, we utilize phone cover, Selfie sticks, and airpod case cover to protect our equipment. Once you come we will assure you that you will never disappoint. Happy Shopping! 

Thanks for reading!

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