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Explore Top EHR & EMR for Urology Practices

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Urology EHR Software

Why your Urology Practice Needs an EMR  

If you are running a urology practice, then chances are you have invested in a decent EHR software for yourself. Most states require medical practices to employ medical software at their practice for safety reasons. In this piece, we will be telling you about various EHR software which would make for the perfect options for a urology practice.  

In this piece, we will highlight some of the features in various EHR software. From Urocharts EHR to Kareo EMR, we will tell you about them all. By the end of the piece, you will hopefully be able to come to a conclusion about which EHR software would be the right fit for you and your practice. Keep reading to find out more.  

EMR Options for your Urology Practice  

Urocharts EMR  

If you are wondering what EMR for urology we recommend, the first software on our list has to be Urocharts EHR. This software has a plethora of features that make it ideal for a urology practice. The software has an insurance eligibility checking feature. With this Urocharts feature, as soon as a patient walks into your practice you can check whether they qualify for insurance. And in case they do not, you are able to avoid inconvenience and issues which might have occurred otherwise when your patient has already received their treatment and is then unable to treat you.  

The dashboard feature in Urocharts EHR also allows for a reduction in the amount of time it would take for you to learn about a new EHR software. With the easy-to-use dashboard feature, you are able to switch through the various features in Urocharts EMR very easily and reduce the amount of time it takes for you to switch from one feature to the other.  


RXNT is the next software on our list after Urocharts EMR. This software has a great billing feature that helps you to take care of your finances. This feature helps you make billing so much easier so that you do not have to worry about making errors. The feature also sends reminders to you if you have any bills which are unpaid by your patients. All in all, the feature allows you to keep on top of billing to ensure you are generating as much revenue as possible.  

The patient portal feature in RXNT reviews also allows you to relax as it helps you to reduce your administrative duties. This feature helps patients log on to a portal through which they can control their treatment with you. From scheduling their appointments to much more which leaves you free to do other tasks.  

DrChrono EHR

DrChrono is another great EHR software. This software has made it to our top EMR vendors list because of several features that it has. The first feature we would like to mention is the integration feature in this software which allows you to be able to integrate any other software you use with this one so that everything can be synthesized to your practice.  

Another great feature of DrChrono which is not within the software itself but comes with it is customer support. The software allows you to access customer support as you have never seen before. You are able to talk to a customer support agent immediately so that you can make your complaint or address any queries you may have.  

AthenaOne EHR

AthenaOne again is a very popular EHR software for medical practices in general and a lot of urologists prefer it as well which is why we have included this software in our top EMR vendors list. The feature in this software that is appreciated by users is the care coordination feature that lets physicians coordinate with every other medical practitioner you are going to. This helps all your doctors coordinate care for you so your treatment is all in all synthesized.  

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The e-Prescription feature in AthenaOne is also very helpful. This feature not only allows you to make prescriptions but also warns you of any unwanted drug interactions that you might be unaware of so that you can be careful.  

Kareo EHR

Kareo is another software that is generally very popular in the EHR software world. The software has some great analytics features which allow you to look at how your practice is doing financially so you can keep on top of things in that aspect. You can know what your finances look like and what you need to do to perhaps improve them.  

The other feature in Kareo EHR would like to highlight is the practice management features within this software that make it incredibly easy for you to be able to handle administrative tasks related.  

Which Urology EHR you Should Opt for  

We recommend asking the vendor for a demo of any software before you choose one even if you do choose any of the software in our top EMR vendors to list above!  

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