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How Do You Remove Eyelash Extensions At Home?

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take off Eyelash Extensions at Home

Can you remove eyelash extensions at home? This is the one question that would definitely raise an eyebrow. Since most women cannot afford to go for professional hair removal, eyelash extensions have been a perfect alternative. The process has become extremely popular since women are now able to change their look in various ways, without necessarily visiting a salon.

Removing Eyelashes At Home Is Easy:

Eyelash extensions are mostly attached by glue and are relatively easy to remove if you know what you are doing. However, you may not have access to the necessary equipment to remove eyelash extensions at home. Fortunately, you do not need to leave your house just to get rid of them.

Removing eyelashes at home is easy if you have access to adhesive remover, tweezers, a pair of pliers and a clean cotton swab. First, you need to wet the cotton swab with warm water before applying the adhesive. Use the swab to spread the glue onto the eyelashes and carefully work it along. After using the swab for a few minutes, you can use the cotton swab to remove excess glue from the eyelashes.

Must be Careful Not To Cut Yourself:

When you remove eyelash extensions at home, you must be careful not to cut yourself. Since extensions can be quite thick, you should avoid making any sort of incision. Once the glue has dried up, it is time to trim the extra lashes. You can do this using a pair of tweezers or an eye patch. Just ensure that the area is neat and trim around each lash.

The glue used to attach extensions to the eye is strong and can sometimes be painful. You may need to take breaks in between application of glue. If you feel that your vision is getting blurred or becoming impaired, you can apply eye drops to dilate the blood vessels. Removing them at home requires a lot of patience, so don’t take too long to do it.

Remove Eyelash Important Things:

When you remove take off Eyelash Extensions at Home, it is important to wash your face thoroughly. After the glue has dried up, you will notice a film forming on your face. It is advisable to wipe this away immediately with warm water. In addition to this, you must apply concealer to cover the area where the extensions are attached. The film can hinder your vision and may cause irritation. If your face appears to be swollen or sore, you may need to take an analgesic to relieve the discomfort.

When you remove eyelash extensions at home, it is important to make sure you wear clean, comfortable clothing. This may include cotton underwear rather than silk ones, which allow more air circulation around your eyes. Although some people prefer to wear makeup, you should still check out the make up available at the store, because some brands can irritate your skin.

Using These Products At Home:

As mentioned before, using these products at home is cheaper than having them done professionally, but this doesn’t mean you have to accept inferior results. Always choose a specialist who is fully trained and experienced in the procedure. Following these simple guidelines should help you to remove eyelash extensions at home safely and effectively.

There are different types of extension available. If you are having continuous ones added, ensure that they are of the same length and do not grow any longer. Eyelash extensions are generally held in place with an adhesive. Be careful not to apply too much pressure when pulling them downwards as this can cause damage. After the lashes are applied, ensure that they are completely covered.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

How long do eyelash extensions last? They can last from two weeks to one month. If you remove them prematurely, the glue will no longer have a firm grip, and this can lead to them falling out. In general, if you follow the proper instructions, you can remove eyelash extensions at home very easily.

You may also need to have someone else take off your extensions if they become too noticeable. Lashes that grow into the eyes or out too far will look strange and unattractive, so ensure that they are removed in the correct way. Some products will only cover a specific amount so make sure you take this into consideration when taking off the extensions.


How do you take off Eyelash Extensions at Home? The simplest way is to hold the extensions above the natural lash line, and then remove them on both sides. This means you must also hold your extensions securely above your lower lashes. This method requires a lot of concentration – but it has the advantage of allowing you to see your lashes more clearly. This method is often recommended by doctors when the lash growth has started to become obvious.


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