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How does hair transplant surgery work?

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The purpose of hair transplant is to restore the growth of hair to the areas of the scalp which has limited or absent growth of air. It is an effective treatment for different types of hair loss and cannot stop your hair from falling. If you want the results to last longer after hair transplants, there is a need to do major follow-ups, and enough care is required. Does hair transplant work?

If you have lost your hair, perhaps you are wondering which the best way to restore your hair is. Does hair transplant work? And many other questions will be popping up in your mind. One thing to keep in mind is that the loss of hair and its thinning is part of the aging journey. However, you can also lose your hair following medical conditions, stress, or trauma on your scalp. Some people undergoing the problem of loss of hair may decide to have hair transplants for cosmetic purposes or other reasons. 

Does hair transplant work?

Transplantation of the hair is typically the best of all other over-the-counter hair restoration products you can find in the markets. However, before you choose a hair transplant there are a number of factors that you should consider.

From 10 to 80 percent of your transplanted hair will likely grow fully back in the estimation of around four-month

The regular hair which has been transplanted is likely to thin over time.

 The individual who has dormant hair follicles may get less effective transplants which is a clear indication that the PRP therapy can help around 75 percent or way much more of the transplanted hair to grow.

It is safe to state that the hair transplant will not work for everyone. Rather the hair transplant is used in restoring hair in case you are going through balding, thinning or you have lost your hair following an injury. most of the hair transplants are conducted using your existing hair which means they will not be as effective for treating other people due to the following reasons;

  • The widespread hair thinning and balding
  • Loss of hair which results from medical treatment like chemotherapy and other kinds of medications
  • Thick scalp scars that you get from the injuries

Hair transplant cost

Transplantation hair cost is different from one place to another. The cost ranges from about $4000 to around $15, 000 for every session. You need to always consult with your surgeon to be sure of the cost of the services they will offer to you. Technically, the final hair transplant pricing entirely depends on the availability of the surgeon, surgical techniques, and the type of transplant procedure, location, and many more factors. And since hair transplant is usually considered a cosmetic procedure, the health insurance will not pay for the procedure. Then aftercare medication can as well add the final cost on top of it.

How it works

For the hair transplant to take place you simply need to take your air and transfer it to another area of your body that doesn’t have hair but needs it. Typically, it is removed from the back of your head through it can as well be taken from any other part of your body

Before you begin the transplantation process, the doctor will have to sterilize the section where the hair will have to be removed by first numbing it with the local anesthetic. You can as well request sedation for you to remain asleep while the procedure is going on. Your surgeon can then later choose any method of hair transplantation that you need either the FUT or the FUE depending n what you agree upon.

FUT (follicular unit transplantation)

This is the method of hair transplant where a strip of hairs surgery is removed and planted into another section or recipient region. Some steps need to be followed from how the strip is removed using the scalpel to how the doctor inserts in the puncture through the grafting process.

FUE (follicular unit extraction)

To make it happen the doctor needs to first shave off the hairs on the back of your head. In this type, the doctor takes each and every single follicle of the hair out of the scalp as you follow the FUT procedure to graft each other into the holes. In the end, you will need to cover the surgical site with bandages to gauze the situation.


Both FUT and FUE take many hours to several days to get completed. But this entirely depends on the amount of work you have to put as performed by the surgeon. You will have to go home the same day after the procedure and recuperate from home. Once the surgery is complete the doctor removes the bandage and leaves the area free though it is usually in a swollen state following the injection and the entire surgical procedure. Of course, you will undergo a lot of pain, soreness at the transplant site from where the hair is taken from.


Before you decide on getting the hair transplant ensure to talk to your doctor or the surgeon so that you can have clear information on what is going to take place. It is good to understand that neither the procedure is a guarantee to a successful hair transplant but the scar will forever remain as a risk. Besides that, you are also likely not to be eligible for either the procedure depending on your hair’s volume and quality.


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