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How to get cheap dab rigs?

by sheligibbs
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In the dab rigs the market, the phrase you get what you pay for applies in many stores. However, when the budget is too tight, you can still get cheap dab rigs that are of high quality. Found out how in this article below. You will also know some of the standard cheap dab rigs that could be ideal for you. 

How to get cheap dab rigs?

There are several ways you can get a quality dab rig without spending too much. They include:

  1. Buy your dab rig from an online store (most dab rigs manufacturers prefer selling their products in online stores to reach customers in any part of the globe. By ordering your dab rig from an online store, you are directly buying it from the manufacturer and the price is always low and standard. 

Most people who buy products from physical shops tend to first compare the price of similar products in online stores. This trend happens because they generally believe that online stores sell products at reasonable prices.

  1. Check out offers and discounts – Most dab rigs stores offer huge discounts during specific times such as black Fridays. If you are on a tight budget you need to capitalize on these offers/ discounts and find your perfect high-quality cheap dab rigs.

Best cheap dab rigs.

The standard price of most high-quality dab rigs is over $100. However, some dab rigs manufacturer do consider their potential customers whose budget may be limited. Thus you can get your dab rigs for less than $100. 

However, some of the cheap dab rigs require high maintenance costs. For example, some are fitted with nails that constantly break and need replacement. 

Below are five things to consider before buying a cheap dab rig:

  • Mouthpiece size – For wax concentrates, a dab rig with a smaller mouthpiece is more preferable because it lets you enjoy the flavor. On the contrary, if you are buying a dab rig to dab dry herb concentrates, it should have a wide mouthpiece that will deliver mega draws.

When using a dab rig the nail constantly allows air pass, thus a small dab rig won’t worsen your experience unless you are utilizing a carb cap.

  • Dab rig size – smaller dab rigs are more portable and they constantly deliver high potent flavor. 
  • Water filtration – dab rigs usually have a water filtration system that cools down and cleans the vapor before you inhale it. You can also find dab rigs with no water filtration systems that you can easily use when outdoors. Nevertheless, for the best experience, you need one with water filtration.
  • Internal glass percolators – dab rigs with two or four-hole internal glass percolators will perfectly cool your vapor and deliver much smoother hits.
  • Size of the glass joint – glass joints dab rigs come in different sizes, including 10 ml, 14 ml, and 18 ml. They are also classified as either male or female measurement types.

The size of the dab rig is associated with the airflow while the gender implies the type of nail you need. For example, a small dab rig should have a 10 ml glass joint that will offer extra restriction.

What are the benefits of correctly using a dab rig?

Dab rigs are the most potent way of experiencing concentrates’ effects. They create huge and highly potent clouds.

The vapor from the dab rig is absorbed directly into your system via the lungs (high bioavailability) meaning that you will feel the concentrate taking effect immediately you start dabbing. For instance, if you experiencing some form of pain, including chronic pains, arthritis pain, and fibromyalgia, the dab rig can take it away in an instant.

The concentrates used in dab rigs are usually smaller and easy to conceal than smoking joints. They are also equivalent to a couple of joints. Why take a lot of time smoking several full joints when you can feel the same effect using a dab rig in seconds?


Cheap dab rigs can help you save on your budget. Despite that, you should always look at the maintenance costs of the dab rig before buying. High maintenance costs will make the dab rig expensive in the long run. 

You can know whether a cheap dab rig has an accessory that frequently breaks down and needs a replacement by checking out reviews. Some people who have used the dab rig for a long time usually review it and post the review on social media platforms. While watching or reading these reviews you will notice some of its downsides.

If a dab rig is cheap and has fewer maintenance costs, you should go ahead and make your order.



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