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How to prevent hair loss caused by Banglore water? Is Hair Transplant a solution?

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The hair loss issue is one of the common concerns among men and women. Stats have shown that around 50% of individuals experience hair loss by 20 to 30. Hair loss can significantly impact a person’s overall confidence, especially when the hair locks start getting thin at adult age. Do you think losing self-confidence has benefited anybody? NO! Then what’s the point of waiting for the magic to happen, and hair loss will stop on its own. Do you have any information on Hair transplant in Vizag? Like, What is it or why should this treatment be selected?

Hair Loss culprit list is huge

Hair loss occurs due to excessive stress, nutritional deficiency, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, not getting enough sleep, and many more are reasons to be blamed for the same. Well, there is one more reason, and that is water. Really? YES!
Bangalore water is a common reason for individuals to experience hair loss.

So, Can hair transplant work for individuals struggling with hair loss?

YES! It can be because Hair transplant in Vizag is a modern and inventive method in the hair restoration approach.

What are the reasons Bangalore water leads to hair loss?

The way your hair locks are at present will tell a lot about your hair care regime. So, it means the hair wash is an essential factor and the water used. But, the people living around the Bangalore area have problems managing their hair locks. Research has shown that ‘People complain about dull hair and severe hair loss.’

So, it’s essential to determine the water quality, making it easier to take all the necessary measures into account. With poor quality, water hair becomes dry, striping the natural hair oil and making it dull. If the problem is in the initial stage, you should oil your hair at least two times a week to give it additional nourishment. The scalp needs extra care and taking prompt measures.

Be cautious!

If your hair loss is severe and has started suddenly, consult an experienced medical expert. There is no fun in delaying the medical assistance as you are the only one who will have trouble keeping hair locks healthy. When the problem is in excess, the doctor will suggest you get a Hair transplant in Kakinada to address the issue.

Best and Advanced Hair Loss Treatment in Bangalore

Talking about the best means that moving towards that option in the first go will be effective. Some cases in which just the hair care routine will not help as the condition has reached a severe stage, and more prompt treatment is necessary. So, What’s the solution? Hair transplant is one of the most acceptable options as it has evolved a lot with time.

Please Note!

The sooner you start the treatment, the better the results will be. If you think about waiting or avoiding the situation, then the effectiveness of the treatment will even go down.

So, Which are the treatment options for hair loss?

Hair transplant treatment

During a hair transplant, the hair grafts are extracted from the back of the scalp and then transplanted to the area with less hair growth. Hair transplantation is one of the practical approach performed through the two most inventive methods:

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE treatment includes extracting the hair grafts one by one from the back of the scalp and then placing them to the part where growth is less.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

FUT treatment includes extracting the hair grafts through a strip and placing it back to the problematic area.

PRP treatment

No doubt, a hair transplant is highly effective, but few patients want to choose something non-surgical initially, and this is where PRP therapy is the ultimate choice for patients struggling with hair loss. It takes around 3 to 6 sessions for the treatment to work. However, you have to visit for the follow-ups to maintain the treatment results.

Where can I find the best solution for hair loss treatment?

Under the expertise of trained and skilled hair restoration surgeons, you will get the most satisfactory solution to deal with hair loss. Are you looking for a board-certified and experienced surgeon? Dr. C Vijay Kumar is one of the trusted names among the patients, and those having hair loss due to Banglore water have got the solution under his approach.

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