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Is Wine Healthy?

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is wine healthy

We all know that drinking to excess, doesn’t help anyone and is not a healthy choice.  But, what about drinking in moderation?  A nightly bottle of wine is obviously a terrible idea, but what about a nightly glass of wine? Let’s explore is wine healthy?

Calories in Wine

One of the first things we think of in regard to our diets, is the number of calories we are bringing in.  After all, carrying excess weight comes with it’s own set of concerns.  So many calories are in a glass of wine? Generally speaking there are around 120 calories in a glass of wine. The darker the wine in your glass, the more calories it will tend to have. Sparkling wine tends to have the fewest, followed by white wine, Rose and then red wine.  Really though, calorie counts are very, very similar from one type of wine to the next. Is wine healthy based on the calories you’re consuming?  Yes, it is, in moderation.  Almost everyone can fit an extra 120 calories in their daily diet, this is a small fraction of the number of calories in an average dessert.

Sex Drive, ED and More

There’s been a lot written about how wine (and other alcohol) effects sex.  Both sex drive, inhibitions and long term ED can all be effected in major ways by wine. I won’t bug you with all the details, but generally speaking wine can be healthy for your sexual health, in moderation?  Are you sick of hearing that, in moderation yet? A glass of wine or two per night actually may improve blood flow. Start drinking a bottle though and you’ll quickly run into serious ED issues.  The worst part is that those ED issues can’t be helped by medication because it isn’t safe to drink that same amount while taking them.

Wine Reduces Inflammation

Some of the worst diseases known to the human body are caused by inflammation. Wine is a food that helps to decrease inflammation.  So, your chances of coming down with a set of diseases like cancer, heart disease, asthma, arthritis and diabetes are lessened by your nightly glass of wine. Sure there are other foods you can eat that do the same thing. But while we all like an awesome strawberry or raspberry, do you really want a Kale salad or a glass of wine after dinner?

Mental Health

There have been quite a few studies that show a glass of wine actually decreases the likelihood of needing mental health care.  Doctors at first were puzzled by this fact, until they started talking to people about how they drank their glass of wine.  For those folks drinking in moderation, they were often meeting with and spending time with friends.  So, it really wasn’t necessarily the wine that was improving their mental health, but it was the time they spent with their friends.  The wine was simply a means to an end. Of course, start drinking a bottle of wine a night by yourself and you’ll quickly see the exact opposite happening.

Healthy Gut Bacteria

One of the newest areas of research is into the bacteria we have in our gut and how it effects our overall health.  Initial reports are that those folks who have a nightly glass of wine have a larger number and more diverse group of bacteria in their guts. Now, is that caused by the wine, or is something else going on like it is with mental health? Doctor’s are split.  Yes, the wine itself could be helpful. Or are those people who enjoy a glass of wine also more likely to eat a balanced and diverse diet?

Are you Convinced Wine is Healthy Enough?

Then let’s at least drink good wine, right?  Check out the easiest way to have good wine delivered straight to your front door by reading about wine clubs and choosing the wine club that fits your tastes the best.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my question, is wine healthy? While much of the research is new, it seems that it is. I’ve mentioned drinking in moderation a number of times here and that is definitely a key. Of course, like anything else, so it your overall exercise and diet.

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