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Lingerie e Alta Modern Fashion

by razsmiths

I thought I’d do a little course on all the different types of elastics and how to sew them onto your bras in preparation for the fact that I’m going to show you later this month how to draft your own panties from your measurements, and so you need to know how to sew the different lingerie elastics so that you can draft them appropriately. The first one we’re going to look at is a Pico style elastic. which is used a lot in bras itself.

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So it’s sewn the exact same way as the other types of picot. So no matter what type of picot you’re looking at, it’s going to be sewn. The exact same way. So when you have your bra or piece of fabric. Whatever you’re applying the elastic to, you want to make sure. That you have the right side facing up. And then you want to take your elastic and you can see that there’s a straight side. A picot side and sometimes there’s going to be a fluffy side and then a not so fluffy side, so right here I’m using bra builders elastic, which happens to be fluffy on both sides, so you don’t really have to choose.

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So fabric facing up and whatever side you want against your skin facing off. And you’ll want to align the straight edge of the elastic very close. To the scalloped edge but don’t extend into the scalloped edge. I’ll set this up in the machine and show you what it looks like. I like to align the scallops of my elastic.

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