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Machine Learning In Health Care

by Preeti Shah
Machine Learning In Health Care

Machine Learning(ML) is a form of Artificial Intelligence(AI). It processes the data and finds similar patterns in large data which is used in decision-making. With the help of ML, we can easily build algorithms to perform a specific set of tasks quickly and easily. These algorithms are generally designed to learn from data without any human help. Accuracy is also improved with the help of ML.

With digitalization in healthcare, sharing and delivering of data has become a high priority. Generally, Machine Learning helps a lot in healthcare organizations to meet the day to day growing demand for medicines, improvement in operations which results in reducing costs of health care services. In addition, technology helps detect and treat disease with complete precision and protection. 

Through Machine Learning we can easily improve the accuracy of treatment and health with algorithms. Deep Learning is a type of Machine Learning that mimics all brain functions and helps in radiology and medical imaging processes. Neural networks are used to learn from data without any supervision, and it helps in detecting, recognizing, and analyzing cancerous lesions from images. Machine Learning in near future will easily transform the medical industry. Some of the Machine Learning applications are under development and some of them had been developed earlier and they are used widely in health care organizations. For example, it also helps predict breast cancer through its algorithm with the help of medical records and images.

Google has successfully launched an algorithm of Machine learning which is contributing to checking cancer in humans. We can also predict Skin Cancer with the concept of Deep Learning. 

Benefits of Machine Learning in Health Care system

Several benefits are very helpful in Health care systems. Some of them are listed below:-

  1. Machine Learning helps in creating bot systems that help in making the treatment period easier and more comfortable. It is a voice-controlled bot that helps in providing information on illness health disorders and helps in prescribing medicine according to the problem.
  2. With the help of neural Networks, detects the damaged cells in the human body, which are likely to be cancer cells.
  3. ML is very good at diagnosis, and through ML, we can easily detect the initial stage of cancer and genetic diseases.
  4. With the complete help of Machine Learning, it is easier to record each patient’s health status. These records are classified through vector machines and OCR based on machine learning recognition techniques. ML saves a lot of time in maintaining each patient’s health records as it makes everything quicker.
  5. As we all know, Diabetes has become a common cause, and it is a dangerous disease. But with the help of Machine learning, it became easy to diagnose Diabetes at the early stages, which helps in saving lives. Algorithms like KNN and decision trees are used to detect Diabetes.
  6. Algorithms of ML-like – classification and clustering help predict liver diseases, which can save us from diseases like chronic hepatitis, liver cancer, and cirrhosis. These diseases are not good for our health because they affect our metabolism.
  7. Machine Learning plays an essential role in making diagnoses with the help of image analysis. Here computer vision is used to process images to make a diagnosis, and it is done easily with the help of the InnerEye project.
  8. Machine Learning helps in adjusting the day-to-day behavior and keeps complete track routine of cancer patients by giving tips for daily activities. In addition, it provides alerts from dangerous activities which are not good for health.
  9. Neural networks can predict how to complete a surgery through algorithms of neural networks, which are generally designed to perform surgery for different cases.
  10. Through this technology, it became easier for predictive analysis to improve health care systems in organizations.
  11. Machine Learning is widely used in automating medical billing clinical decision support, and it is also used in controlling records of medicines.
  12. Machine Learning also uses algorithms for sentiment analysis that is used to check the behavior and mood of patients, which helps doctors to handle them easily according to their moods.
  13. With the help of Machine Learning algorithms, we can make EHR management systems that make it easier for doctors and physicians as it provides complete clinical decision support, image analysis, and integrating telehealth technologies.
  14. Through Machine Learning, robotic surgery is also possible, which has reduced human errors during complex procedures and highly difficult surgeries. Robots can also help in conducting operations.
  15. Machine Learning is widely used for drug discovery. Biotechnology company does this process through one of its algorithms.
  16. In the current time of Covid-19, Machine Learning is used in developing vaccines and medicines, and it helped a lot in these challenging times. 


Machine Learning has made many contributions to health care systems, and some algorithms are under development. With the combination of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, the health care system is changing a lot as it is becoming easier. In the upcoming future, Machine Learning will boost our health care systems as it has algorithms that are making life easier by detecting and treating multiple health problems and diseases.

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