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Men’s Health Issues to Watch for as You Age

by meghanbelnap

Aging is one of the most sensitive topics to discuss. As the grey hair catches up, the fear of the unknown suddenly sets in. Men, particularly, are notorious for avoiding doctors, thereby putting their health at risk of developing even the most preventable diseases and conditions. While aging is unavoidable, every man must start taking control of their health by watching for the following health issues:

Heart Disease

Men are generally less adaptive to stressful events. This makes them at a higher risk of developing heart complications and other related illnesses. Heat problems come in many forms, such as heart attack, heart failure, high blood pressure, and stroke, to name a few. Luckily, healthy behaviors such as eating healthy diets, reducing stress, quitting smoking, and regular checkups can help you prevent heart problems.


Cancer is another health condition to watch for. According to CDC, some of the common cancer cases that affect men as they age include prostate, lung cancer, colorectal, and skin cancer. As you age, you are advised to practice a healthy lifestyle, reduce red meat intake, apply sunscreen and quit smoking. This, together will regular screening, can help prevent cancer cases in your golden ages.

Erectile Dysfunction

As men reach 70, erectile dysfunction becomes a problem for many. However, this doesn’t mean it’s over for your sexual life. With the advancement of the medical and nutritional industry, there are ways in which you can prevent this problem. First, think of limiting or quitting alcohol and smoking. This should be followed by regular exercise and a healthy diet. Lastly, you can visit a doctor for medication.


Osteoporosis is a bone disease that weakens bones and joints. This happens because the body absorbs more bone tissue than the produced ones. Osteoporosis doesn’t have clear symptoms. Therefore, as you age, be sure to as your doctor for a bone test. If the scans show the presence of the diseases, then the right medication can be administered.

Vision Loss

While this seems pretty obvious, the large majority of elderly men will complain of vision problems. This happens due to the degeneration of macular and glaucoma. If not diagnosed on time, this degeneration can call loss of peripheral vision and even possible blindness. Men are therefore advised to check for possible signs of vision trouble and seek medication immediately.


As men age, they stand a higher chance of developing diabetes type 2 than women. The number one reason for this is men have belly fat. Unless you practice regular exercise, these fats can lead to diabetes and other chronic diseases. Alongside exercise, you should also eat more veggies and fruits than carbs.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the health issues, you may face as you age, you can always take control of your health by practicing preventive measures today. Also, consider regular health checkups seriously. They can help you detect any condition in its early stage for a successful cure.

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