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Possible Causes for Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

by drmarcusharris
Erectile dysfunction in young men

Erectile dysfunction is a problem male faced after 40. Normally it is related to middle- aged males and seniors above 50 years of age.  The term electrical dysfunction is given weakness in erection among males, who cannot maintain an erection even with sufficient arousal level.


Currently younger males are also facing the same direction problem.  More and more males below 40 and even below 30 are coming up with erection problems.  The number is not sufficiently estimated as many are unwilling to discuss the issue with the medical practitioners. It is estimated that there are significant size of young males who use sildenafil citrate 200mg, doctors prescribe for severe cases of erection weakness.  


The causes behind erectile dysfunction in younger males may be different from causes behind the issue in seniors.  Medical experts have observed that generally emotional and psychological issues are behind erection problems in younger males.

Men below 40


Possible causes :-


  •  Lifestyle issue

Excess smoking, drinking and use of recreational drugs causes erectile dysfunction in young men. These habits weaken the blood vessels. Excess smoking leads to the formation of plaque in the blood vessels. Reduced surface in blood vessels cannot supply the blood to the male organ. Reduction in blood in male organ causes erection difficulties.  Sufficient flow of blood is needed to maintain an erection.


Drinking also damages the blood vessels.  Damaged blood vessels cannot support the smooth flow of blood to the male organ.  Less blood flow leads to erectile dysfunction in young men. Recreational drugs may enhance the joy in initial stages but gradually they also damage nerves and blood vessels thus, leading to erectile dysfunction in young men.


  • Stress and anxiety levels

Higher than normal stress and anxiety level also lead to erectile dysfunction in young men.Disturbed mind cannot participate in the election process.Only a relaxed mind triggers the election process. A relaxed mind starts the thought that leads to the release of neurotransmitters. 

 Neurotransmitters Trigger the central nervous system and release blood flow towards the pelvic area. Agitated mind also will not cooperate with the body to permit the person to indulge in intimate moments. 

 Physical stimulation is necessary for an erection.  Doctors prescribing doses for severe erection issues also mention the requirement of physical stimulation. Without it erection cannot Place.  And only a relaxed mind responds to stimulation.



  •  Relationship issues

 Experts have noted that relationship issues are fast emerging as one of the reasons behind erectile dysfunction in young men.   Some younger males get emotionally disturbed at relationship break ups.. They also suffer from depression in some cases.  During the period of depression their chances of having a normal erection is close to zero. 

 Anything that causes depression also leads to erection dysfunction since depression is one of the major causes behind erectile dysfunction in young men.Relationship issues can also lead to depression and subsequently erectile dysfunction in young men.


  • Shame and guilt

  Long absence from intimacy off leads to erection difficulties later. It has been noted in younger mails and mid- aged meals that long absence or lack of physical action with the partner lowers the desire for the same. Lower Desire affects libido and low libido also leads to erectile dysfunction in young men.  There may be several reasons behind long absence from physical contact.  One of them can be shame and guilt of indulging in physical relation. 


  •  Underperformers fear

  It is not an insignificant cause behind erectile dysfunction in young men.  The fear that I will not be up to the top level of expectations leads to erection problems.  The fear makes it difficult to relax the mind.  The fear also gives birth to the fear that my partner may not like me if I fail to satisfy her.  Any erection issue even at the lower levels reinforces the fear which in future leads to erection issues. 


  •  Frequent use of drugs to boost erection

  It is a growing tendency among youngsters to boost their action by drugs.  Doses help them to increase the impact of their action and prolonged the period with the partner.  Regular use of drugs makes it a habit.  Initially they do not realise this but regular use increases their dependency on the drugs.  Then the time comes when it becomes difficult for them to sustain the erection without the support of drugs. Without drugs they feel impotent.


  • Erection difficulties due to diabetes

 Obesity and sedentary lifestyle increase the risk of prediabetes. It remains without symptoms for a long period of time. But higher glucose levels start their impact without visible symptoms.

Erection difficulties occur in males, irrespective of their age, if they have higher glucose levels.  The damage to blood vessels reduces supply of blood in smaller and narrower nerves of the pelvic area.


  • Treatment options

 Majority of cases need counselling to deal with emotional and psychological causes. Doctors may also prescribe tadalafil 60mg in case of severe erection weakness. The first priority should be to identify the cause. Second, treat the cause to cure the erection weakness permanently.

In many cases, the problem is of temporary nature, so there is no need to take help of medicines. Let the doctor examine your case to come to some conclusion.

  • Counselling sessions

Counselling sessions are recommended when all medical reports are negative.  Counselling sessions means cognitive behaviour therapy. The basic aim is to help a man convert negative thoughts into positive thoughts.  One on one discussions help man to express his fears and expose stress levels to the professional psychologist.

Guidance and tips to control stress and negative thoughts ensures emotional stability in thinking. The patient emerges stronger at the end of counselling sessions.  The change in behaviour makes it difficult to get agitated or stressed out by the same experience again.  Cognitive behaviour therapy has a high success rate in solving emotional and psychological issues.  It is a non-medication therapy and should be given a chance before going for medicines to boost erection.


  • Conclusion

 Normally in the majority of cases of erectile dysfunction in younger men, emotional and mental disturbance are the cause.   Get a medical examination to know the underlying cause.  Medical examination or psychological examination will help to permanently cure the problem.  There should be no shame in Consulting a doctor on the erection issues as later it can progress to the severe level  making it difficult for the treatment to cure it.


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