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Recovery from Laser Eye Surgery and Aftercare

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Recovery from Laser Eye Surgery and Aftercare - Optimal Vision

The aftercare following each surgery is as important as the surgical procedure. This also applies to laser eye surgery because your aftercare also contributes to the success of your treatment. If you want to undergo laser eye surgery to correct your vision issues, you need to look out for a clinic that not only offers an accurate surgery but also have a comprehensive programme for aftercare.

What to expect after laser eye surgery

After your laser eye surgery like LASEK and LASIK, your eyes may begin to feel uncomfortable. This usually occurs as the eyes begin to heal, and the intensity of the discomfort varies between patients. It also depends on the laser eye surgery you undergo.

Eye discomfort and water removal are normal, especially for the first 24 hours following LASIK surgery while for LASEK, it may last for about one week. After LASIK, you may also experience light sensitivity for the first couple of days, but light sensitivity for LASEK may remain for about one week. It is common for patients to have the white part of their eyes looking red a week or two after laser eye surgery.


Your optometrist and surgeon will likely instruct you on the right things to do to ensure your eyes heal properly. You will also get aftercare recommendations from your information folder. Try to follow these instructions and advice if you want to have a smooth recovery.

The aftercare routine for most patients after laser eye surgery includes using prescribed eye drops, wearing sunglasses when outdoors, and wearing eye shields to sleep. You may want to prevent water from touching your eyes and avoid wearing make-up on your eyes for the first week after your surgery.

Aftercare timeline

If you want to have a perfect vision after your surgery, properly healed and healthy eyes, you need to know what to do within every period following your surgery.

  • Immediately after your surgery

After your laser eye surgery, you will likely experience light sensitivity, mild discomfort and have bloodshot eyes. The right thing to do after laser eye surgery is to wear protective goggles or non-prescription glasses to go home. Ensure you rest your eyes by taking a nap.

  • Next day

The day following your surgery, you will have an appointment with the optometrist or surgeon to check if your eyes are recovering as they should.

  • One and three months after surgery

Depending on the clinic, you will have follow-up appointments one and three months after your surgery. The appointments will also be to check your healing process. Some clinics also have a 24-hour helpline open to give patients the help they need.

  • A year after

You need to have an eye check-up yearly. Ensure your eye check-up is part of your routine health check as this helps you know how healthy your eyes are and detect any eye problem on time.

Your aftercare is an important factor in your treatment’s success, so ensure you visit Optimal Vision for your laser eye surgery in London because we have a comprehensive treatment plan tailor-made to suit each patient.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is laser eye surgery painful?

For most patients, laser eye surgery is pain-free. Before the procedure, the surgeon will apply anaesthetic drops in your eyes. The procedure is painless, but some patients experience some discomfort after the surgery. The discomfort is common during the early healing stage following the surgery. The severity of laser eye surgery depends on the type you undergo. However, it only lasts for a while, and you can begin to enjoy a perfect vision with a few days.

  • How long after laser eye surgery before I notice the result?

For LASIK, you may experience the result immediately after the surgery or after about 24 hours, while LASEK may take up to a week to notice the result. Generally, the timeframe to see results varies between patients.

  • When is the right time to resume work after laser eye surgery?

You may be able to resume your work a few days after laser eye surgery. However, your recovery will depend on a few factors, such as the type of surgery you had. Most people resume work about 48 hours after LASIK, while it may take about seven days to resume work following LASEK procedure.

Your optometrist or surgeon will consider your condition and the type of work to advise you on the right time to resume work.

  • When can I participate in sports following laser eye surgery

The time needed before engaging in sports after your laser eye surgery will depend on the sports. Some patients can engage in their usual sports activity in about one week. You may not be able to swim for about two weeks after your surgery and when you swim, ensure you wear protective eyewear such as googles. If you participate in contact or high-impact sports, you may need to wait for about a month.

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