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Tips To Help You Boost Your Chances Of Successful IVF Treatment

by salenamartine

Infertility is an issue that most couples face. In order to get over this problem, they consult many doctors who can advise them with treatment. In today’s world, IVF treatment is one of the most reliable and popular.

But it does make one wonder about how successful it could be. Before coming to a conclusion, do remember that fertility conditions vary from person to person. And according to their cause, the treatment would be done. Hence resulting, the success rate would be determined by that factor.

Still, if you want to achieve a successful IVF treatment, we are providing you with some tips that might help you for the same.

Please Note: Each body is different, and not everyone would find the same outcome with the instruction. It is highly recommended to visit an IVF Centre in Punjab and consult a doctor to know what would suit you the best.

Tips For Successful IVF Treatment

  • Learn all about the clinic beforehand

Choosing which IVF center would be the best for your treatment is crucial as it increases the chances of getting pregnant. On the basis of doctor education, skills, the technology used, the conditions in which the embryos grow the possibility of fertility surgery determines. Jot down all the Test Tube Baby Centre In Punjab and find out some of this information before finalizing them

  1. The ratio of pregnancy per embryo transfer
  2. The successful pregnancy rates of couples of your age with the same fertility condition.
  3. Board certification of the surgeon and the achievement of the clinic
  4. Cost of the whole IVF Treatment
  5. The time period of the embryo stored
  6. What is the number of successful multiple births or twins?
  • Do not ejaculate to increase sperm count.

The doctor advised the male partner not to ejaculate for at least three to four days before they donate the sperm for the process of fertilization. If they abstain from masturbation or sexual intercourse, it increases the chances of high sperm count, resulting in successful IVF treatment. We also suggest checking the sperm quality before the procedure begins, as, with time, it changes. 

  • Consume good fats in your diet

According to a study, the doctor has found that eating good and healthy food with a high source of monosaturated fats is a helpful technique in enhancing the chances of pregnancy success with the IVF process. Eat food items including avocados, seeds, nuts, olive oil, and sunflower oil as they help protect the lower inflammation heart and improve fertility. Apart from boosting fertility, it is also known for developing the fetus. On the contrary, it is also seen that women who consume saturated fat in their diet through butter or red meat have more chances of producing fewer healthy eggs to use for IVF treatment. This is a reason why it is essential to know that although it might exceed the IVF success attempt. However, there is no guarantee for success.

Final Comments

At Gem Hospital And IVF Centre, you can treat your infertility condition with a test-tube baby. Apart from that, you can also learn all the dos and don’ts before, during, and after the procedure.

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