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Type 2 Diabetes Diet: Diet For Diabetic Patients

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Type 2 Diabetes Diet

Type 2 Diabetes Diet:- Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common diabetes affecting both males and females across the age groups and sections of society. The other two diabetes types 1 and gestational diabetes are not widespread. Type 1 happens at the time of birth or immediately after birth in the majority of cases. Gestational diabetes is a problem with pregnant ladies during pregnancy or after childbirth.

Type 2 diabetes is the most widespread metabolism disorder. It happens when a male or female is not able to produce the insulin in the quantity that is needed to channel sugar released from food into cells. Insulin passes sugar from food into cells to create energy. When it fails to do its job the sugar accumulates in the bloodstream, leading to diabetes conditions. In some diabetes patients, the body develops insulin resistance, thus leading to an abnormal increase in blood glucose levels.

Diet for type 2 diabetes

Diet is an important component of diabetes control. This along with medication helps a patient to keep blood glucose levels down. In many cases, only diet and exercise are enough to control diabetes. For males and females with mild cases of blood glucose level, the diet plays an important role in reversing diabetes. Doctors who prescribe Glucobay 50mg to prevent the sudden rise of sugar after meals also recommend a healthy diet with exercises to manage diabetes.

Obesity is a major cause of diabetes in males and females. Type 2 diabetes where insulin resistance is a major cause develops due to obesity and belly fat in many patients. Thus, a diet that keeps calories low without any compromise on nutritional value keeps diabetes in check.

A major part of the diet for type 2 diabetes includes

At the broad level, the diet for type 2 diabetes has complex carbohydrates like brown rice, whole grains, barley, millet oatmeal, fruits with low sugar content or low glycaemic index, green vegetables, leafy vegetables, beans, lentils, legumes, and nuts.

At the same time, there are many food items, which are totally out of the diet plan. These items include sugary products, soft drinks, packed food and drinks, flavored drinks, processed food, pasta, white bread and cookies, and desserts.

Fruits with a low glycaemic index

Fruits with low glycaemic index

The glycaemic index shows the impact a fruit or a food product will have on the blood sugar of the patients. Diabetic is allowed to eat fruits with low glycaemic index. These include all types of fruits without figs, mango, and date palm, which have higher sugar concentrations.

Frozen fruits

Frozen fruits are permitted to type 2 diabetes patients. They are the second-best option if fresh fruits are not available. There should be no added flavor or an enhanced taster in such fruits. Smoothies are strictly out of the diet plan for type 2 diabetes. Make smoothies without sugar with fresh fruits or frozen fruits. Avoid honey or sugar in smoothies.

Protein-rich food

Protein keeps blood glucose levels stable. It also stops the craving for sugar and keeps the stomach full to reduce the need for extra meals or snacks before meals. This food also ensures energy for daily work without any adverse impact on blood sugar levels. Some of the best protein-rich food items are beans, eggs, legumes, seafood, tofu, lean meat, and poultry.

Patients with higher blood sugar levels need to avoid red meat. However, type 2 diabetes patients with lower sugar levels can eat red meat and rice. But red meat needs to be avoided in case of type 2 diabetes.

Non- starchy vegetables

Type 2 diabetes is recommended to eat nonstarchy vegetables. These include Amaranth or Chinese spinach, asparagus, beans, bean sprouts, baby corn, and bamboo shoots.

Fats for type 2 diabetes

Animal fats increase the risk of cholesterol issues in diabetes patients. Instead, the focus should be on plant-based fats, which reduce the risk of cholesterol. Plant-based fats such as olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocado are less likely to cause cholesterol issues. Yogurt and fat-less dairy products are other items that a type 2 diabetic must include in the diet.

Vegetarian diet and vegan diet

Both types of diets are the best diet plans for type 2 diabetes. Both these diet plans are high in carbohydrates. The diet is high in plant-based fiber and low in calories. The exclusion of meat keeps inflammation-related problems with meat low. Studies have shown that a vegetarian diet keeps blood glucose levels low.

The American diabetes association diet emphasizes exercises with balancing energy intake. The diet recommends calories from complex carbohydrates such as whole-grain cereals. However, medical experts now believe that no diet can be recommended for all type 2 diabetes patients. The level of blood sugar in the bloodstream decides the actual composition of the diet.

The Mediterranean diet

This type of diet is one of the best for a healthy heart. The diet has a high portion of vegetables, fruits, wine, and good fat. Fish is also a part of the diet. Some portions of the diet include meat and low-fat dairy products. Fruits that are part of the diet are citrus fruits, nuts, and avocado.

Mediterranean diet ensures vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and few calories. Studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet reduces blood glucose levels, improves heart health, and checks weight gain. 

Paleo diet for type 2 diabetes

The theory is that eating the diet that our ancestors used to eat in hunter-gathering days will help us to deal with many lifestyle diseases including diabetes.  The diet plan is based on lean meat, fish, green vegetables, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, nuts, fruits, etc.

Some products which are included in other diets for type 2 diabetes are not part of the paleo diet. These items are dairy, beans, grains, refined fats, sugar, cookies, soft drinks, and processed foods.

Research on patients who follow a paleo diet showed that diet has low energy, low fiber, carbohydrates, low glycaemic index, and fatty acids. But the diabetes patients feel they get good fats, several vitamins, minerals, and less cholesterol. The patients with diabetes feel less hunger, have stable blood glucose levels, and are better with low carbohydrate intake.

Role of exercises

Role of exercises

Along with diet, doctors recommend some form of physical activity to control type 2 diabetes. Doctors Recommending Glucobay 100mg to increase insulin to deal with sugar release from food after meals also emphasize exercises. Even a walk of 30 minutes per day reduces blood glucose levels.  Males with diabetes are vulnerable to erectile dysfunction, which makes it difficult to have an erection for intimacy with the partner. Such males need to stick to some form of exercise or yoga along with a healthy diet to control type 2 diabetes.



Diet change is the only effective way to control and manage any type of diabetes. It also helps to reverse diabetes in case a person can detect diabetes at an early stage. Along with diet, awareness about the presence of type 2 diabetes is also needed to check its spread in the body.

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