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Vicodin Addiction: Worrying Signs That You May Have a Problem

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Vicodin Addiction: Worrying Signs That You May Have a Problem

Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem in the United States. A 2017 report found that 18 million people have misused prescription opioids at least once in the past year. Vicodin, in particular, is one of the most frequently prescribed opiates in the US, and an estimated 2 million people suffer from Vicodin addiction in the US.

So, what is Vicodin, why does it have such a high rate for addiction, and how to identify the worrying signs.

What Is Vicodin – Seek help from Rehab in Durban

Vicodin is an opiate painkiller that uses synthetic opiate hydrocodone and acetaminophen to reduce pain. It works by blocking the pain receptors in the brain and giving the patient a relaxed, almost euphoric feeling. It’s often prescribed to manage moderate to severe pain caused by migraines, cancer, or burns. A lot of medical professionals agree that Vicodin is over prescribed and that in most cases a less potent painkiller would have been just as effective.

Because of the bliss and feelings of euphoria that this opiate produces, some individuals start to enjoy the drug and use it beyond its prescribed use. Of course, things are more complex than just this and simply taking Vicodin won’t necessarily lead to addiction. Other factors, such as your genetics, environment, and mental health play an important role here too.

Signs of Vicodin Abuse – Seek help at Rehab Cape Town

The signs and symptoms of Vicodin addiction can vary from person to person depending on their genetic makeup, for how long they’ve been taking the drug, and how they’ve been using it. Generally, those who’ve been misusing Vicodin will experience:

  • An Increased Tolerance for Opioids

If you notice that you need to increase your dose to get the same pain relief from the drug, then you may have developed a tolerance for opioids.

  • You’re Craving the Drug

If you’ve been using Vicodin for a long time, then you could develop opioid use disorder (OUD,) a condition under which you are always craving the drug, constantly thinking about it, and planning your entire day around the next dose.

  • You’re Hiding Your Vicodin Use

The National Institutes of Health MedlinePlus warns that becoming secretive about your opiate use is a clear sign that you are on addiction territory and you should seek help.

  • You’re No Longer Engaging in Activities That Once Brought You Pleasure

Substance abuse, such as in the case of Vicodin, can make you lose interest in the activities and hobbies that brought you pleasure once. You may also start neglecting your work or avoiding social interactions.

What Can You Do?

If you or a loved one is struggling with Vicodin addiction, then you should ask for help as soon as possible. A rehab center can give you the treatment you need, help you recover, and improve your mental health in the process.

Ask for help now at rehab UK we are here for you!

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