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Vinyasa Yoga Poses For Athletic Body

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Yoga practice has unbelievable effects on your physical and mental wellness. From strengthening your muscles to enhancing your overall flexibility, practicing yoga has it all for you. Moreover, it also makes you prone to various injuries that might halt your athletic journey. You can practice Vinyasa yoga which is different from Ashtanga yoga.

Ashtanga yoga is also called 8 limbs of yoga that covers your entire being. However, vinyasa yoga ensures you have an athletic body with its ‘flow’ motion. Making yoga a part of your physical training can help you break all your limits.

Best Poses Of Vinyasa Yoga

The following are the best vinyasa yoga poses that you can practice to level up your athletic abilities. Keep reading.

Back Bend Pose

Since you are always bending forward, your spine feels pressured in this movement. Moreover, too much forward bending compresses the small joints in your spine. That is why practicing back bend yoga poses can save you from a lot of pain and discomfort.

Bow pose or back bend pose helps you release pressure from your spine. Moreover, it increases the backward motion of your spine. Also, your spine decompresses and let go of all the tension ingrained in the muscles. In turn, you witness growth in your athletic performance.

Bridge Pose

You use your whole body in a single moment while practicing yoga. Practicing bridge pose improves your poor posture. Thus, you learn to tune your muscles in a rhythm, so that, you can utilize them for a perfect physical workout.

All you need to practice the bridge pose is a yoga mat. Simply lie on a yoga mat and fold your legs to place the soles of your feet on the ground. With a gentle push, raise your hips in the air with the support of your feet. It engages your legs, core, and back muscles. Thus, you get an overall muscle activation while practicing bridge pose.

Cobra Pose

Everyday physical activities could be very tiring for your spine. It stresses the small joints of the spine and therefore, you find it hard to progress. Therefore, it becomes necessary to release stress from your spine. Thus, nothing can work greater than practicing the cobra pose.

To start with, lie down on your stomach with your hands and legs relaxing by your side. Place the palms of your hands on the ground and raise your upper body. However, keep in mind not to raise your torso. Keep your lower body in contact with the ground for the whole time. Push your chest towards the ceiling for stretching your upper body to the maximum.

Hindu Squat Pose

No matter what your athletic abilities are, you are going to use your legs the most. Squatting is considered the most effective exercise to increase the strength and flexibility of your legs. Moreover, if you want to stretch the inner thighs to work on your overall leg muscles, nothing can work as a Hindu squat.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly sit down such that your quads are parallel to the floor. You can go to the deepest point to have more stretching in your legs. Keep in your mind to flare your knees out while sitting. It keeps your knees from getting hurt from any sort of injury.

Reclined Easy Twist Pose

Twisting motion releases all the tension that got accumulated in your spine. Simply lie down on your back and fold your legs. Raise your calves such that they are parallel to the floor. Let your legs fall under the effect of gravity on your one side. Once it touches the ground, raise your legs, and let it fall to the other side.

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It also works on your core strength while twisting your spine. Thus, you have an elastic spine along with stronger abs.

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