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What are the Different Reasons for Nightfall?

by Aditya8812

Nightfall problem, which is also commonly known as wet dreams; is a common problem in which a person ejaculates during sleep. Doctors say that the reasons for nightfall problem is more due to psychological reasons; and has nothing to do with sexual problems. Sometimes, the reasons for nightfall problems are being too much involved in sexually explicit content; such as spending too much time watching porn or reading explicit stuff.

Also, wet dreams are much more common in young people, which generally goes away with time. However, if it doesn’t, then a lot of home remedies and medications can be helpful to cure it.

Also, if you want to know in detail about the different causes and treatment reasons for nightfall; read down the article to the end.

Some of the common reasons for Nightfall-

There are many reasons for nightfall; most of them are however harmless. Also, the problem usually goes away with age; however, if it does not, it can be a problem of concern, and you should get a checkup from a sexologist in Delhi.

Some of the usual reasons for nightfall occurring are as follows-

  1. The most common reason for nightfall is the absence of sexual activity for a long. As the sperm are generally developed a lot during puberty, their excess is released through nightfall.
  2. If you are watching porn a lot or are into a lot of explicit content; it can also cause the problem of nightfall in young men.
  3. During sleeping, excessive stimulation of genitals to bed; can also cause the problem of nightfall in men.
  4. Inadequate ejaculation, during intercourse, due to weak nerves can also cause the problem of nightfall in men.
  5. If you do not empty your bladder, go to bed with a full bladder.
  6. A lot of problems like stress, anxiety, physical inactivity, and obesity can cause the problem of nightfall.
  7. Your weak muscles and nerves in the genital area can also cause wet dreams.

When to seek help from a doctor-

One is advised to see a doctor if he goes through the problem of wet dreams quite frequently. A doctor may suggest to you some of the right treatments that can help you control the issue of sexual fantasies and wet dreams. Also, one can do some of the lifestyle changes in their routine lives, which can be pretty helpful to them in curing the problem of wet dreams.

Treatment options for wet dreams-

The doctor’s treatment depends on the underlying conditions that lead to the disease of Wet dreams. However, a doctor first diagnoses your underlying issue, and only after that, he suggests you an appropriate solution.

1. Majority cases- No treatment-

In most cases, the men or the boys do not need any treatment for the problem of nightfall as the issue is generally because of lack of sexual activities and masturbation, which leads to sperm production in excess. However, talking to a doctor and consulting him may help you.

2. Nightfall because of drug side effects-

You can also go through the problem of nightfall, as some hormone drugs or other medications can induce it. But it’s better to consult a doctor regarding it and then think of changing the medicines.

3. Prostate Gland inflammation-

If you feel extreme pain, during you pass urine, or during ejaculation, or there is blood in it, then it can be a sign of prostate gland inflammation. If you see any of the above symptoms, you should see a doctor. Also, sometimes the doctors give you some antibiotics for it; and in some severe conditions, the doctors may suggest surgery to remove the prostate.

4. Nervous system problems-

Sometimes, the nerves responsible for ejaculation are damaged, infections, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. The treatment mainly involves working over the underlying cause. But it would help if you were extremely patient, as the response may take time depending on the grounds. In most cases, as soon as the infection settles down, the problem of wet dreams also settles down.

Some ways to prevent and reduce the problem of nightfall-

There are a few things you can do at home and can help you reduce the problem of nightfall. However, most of the ways are to make some lifestyle changes. Some of the things which can be done are as follows-

  1. You should masturbate once every 2 to 3 days; this will help you release the excessive semen from the body.
  2. Do meditation and yoga daily for at least 20 minutes to calm your mind and reduce stress and anxiety.
  3. Make sure you do not involve in watching too much sexually explicit content.
  4. Always empty your bladder before you go to sleep at night.
  5. If you feel lost and are not sure of your problem, talking to your doctor is best and getting some counselling from the doctor.
  6. You can try eating yoghurt and drinking some sage tea, as these two are highly helpful in reducing the problem of wet dreams.
  7. Always make sure to take a warm bath before you go to bed. This may help in relaxing your mind and giving you sound sleep.

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Who is the best sexologist for nightfall problems-

If you have been going through the nightfall problem lately, and you want to get a permanent solution to it. Then you should contact Dr Chirag Bhandari, who is also the owner of IASH, India; he is also very experienced in treating the problems of sexual intimacy and personal problems. One can also take an online counselling session from the doctors of IASH, India.

Take Away-

Many men go through a lot of personal problems in their lifetimes. However, they never get them treated as they are scared and ashamed of discussing them with doctors. However, with the proper treatment, everyone can effectively solve their problems. So, if you want to contact a great sexologist in India like Dr Chirag Bhandari, check out the website of IASH, India, today. For more information, you can check it out on “IASH India“.

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