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What are the Essential Guarantees for Good Mutual Health?

by Lisa_Baker

Whether it is to ensure your back in case of unforeseen events, or simply to benefit from better support for your medical consultations, there is always a good reason to subscribe to a mutual health insurance contract. However, there are a multitude of different contracts, adapted to all types of profiles… Some are focused on senior profiles, others on profiles with needs in a specific health field…

To benefit from the best mutual health insurance at the most competitive price, it is therefore essential for the patient to carefully review which guarantees are essential and which are not.

Each patient has their own mutual health needs!

First, it is necessary to define the level of guarantees that the patient needs. The health mutuals at the most economical prices generally offer contracts for the sum of 20 to 25 euros per month, while the contracts with the most extensive guarantees can sometimes reach the price of 100 euros per month. The main thing is therefore to know why the patient needs to be insured or not.

Several elements must be taken into account when a patient is trying to define precisely what level of guarantees he needs and for this, online comparators like lesfurets.com are very practical tools. All you have to do is fill out a form in which the patient fills in various information about their profile and their mutual health needs. Medical history or needs for orthodontic appliances everything is questioned in order to provide a mutual offer adapted to the needs of the future insured.

The comparator also makes it possible to systematically eliminate contracts with inadequate guarantees for the patient: for example, the selection will not offer him contracts including a good reimbursement rate for optical costs if he does not wear glasses.

All the information communicated is processed by the online comparator, which can estimate what level of guarantees the patient needs and offer him a selection of health insurance contracts in line with his profile.

Essential mutual health guarantees

Contrary to popular belief, it is essential to have mutual health insurance even if you are rarely sick. Indeed, the main role of health insurance is to provide support for medical care, including those which arise unexpectedly and which are generally the most expensive (for example for emergency hospitalization).

Although the CPAM reimburses part of these costs, the second part remains the responsibility of the patient and depending on the case, the sum to be paid may turn out to be substantial. It is therefore to avoid this kind of situation that the subscription to a mutual health insurance is strongly recommended.

With health insurance, a portion of the costs, more or less important depending on the quality of the contract, is indeed sure to be covered.

It is, therefore, necessary to be vigilant on certain criteria when choosing a contract and to study what are its guarantees: reimbursement of consultation with a general practitioner or a specialist, assistance service, reimbursement of medical analyzes or drugs, reimbursement hospitalization, maternity, radiological, optical, dental care costs, etc.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, do not forget to study what are the exclusions of guarantees and the waiting periods of the contract, but do not worry, the online comparator takes this into account in its analysis!

While some options are specific to a few policyholder profiles, other guarantees remain essential for the entire population.

Indeed, no one is immune to an unforeseen situation, for which significant costs can remain chargeable and this is why it is necessary to be able to count on their mutual health insurance.

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