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What Do Users Say About eClinical Works?

by Ivonmichal

Electronic health record (EHR) solutions from eCW incorporate technology into every step of the patient care delivery process. eClinicalWorks EMR software provides ultimate ease with features such as Eva (virtual assistant), Healow (telehealth), patient portal, e-prescription, and more. 

Aside from some standard features, most of its offerings aim to improve clinical efficiency and provide a good experience for patients and doctors. All modules that connect with the eClinicalWorks EMR software, including practice management (PM), medical billing, population health, and patient involvement, are accessible at a low cost. 

eClinical Works EMR Pricing  

The eClinicalWorks EMR costs $449 per month per provider. However, you have to pay $599 per month for an integrated practice management system with EMR 

eClinical Works – Pros 

Virtual Assistant   

Eva, the eClinicalWorks Virtual Assistant, is one of the system’s most impressive features, according to eClinicalWorks reviews. Eva is the first inbuilt virtual assistant in the medical business, helping you save time and increase productivity by reducing unnecessary clicks. 

Making an appointment with Eva is simple. Eva also allows you to analyze flowsheets, compare test findings, and check medical information. You might also point Eva in the direction of training materials for all medical professionals. 

Easy Exchange of Information  

You may need to collaborate with other specialists even if you run a solo practice. Emails and SMS are helpful communication tools, but they aren’t suited for conveying medical information. 

However, with eClinicalWorks EMR software, you may effortlessly send and receive patient data without fear of information leakage. In addition, you won’t have to worry about data breaches or hacking thanks to the HIPPA-compliant EMR software. Furthermore, you can use conference calls to ensure that your patient does not have to go far. 

Digital Patient Records  

Even though paper-based medical records were once common, they are no longer used in the digital age. You must digitize your records using eClinicalWorks EMR software to meet all security requirements and to have easy access to your patients’ data. Practice management software, medical billing, population health, and patient participation modules are all available with eClinicalWorks EMR software to help you streamline your workflow.  

Web-based Interface  

In today’s cloud-based world, your employees need secure access to their EMR from anywhere. The cloud-based EMR of eClinicalWorks allows you to access eClinicalWorks and other capabilities not otherwise available using the Google Chrome Browser. A web-based interface is advantageous because it does not require any additional hardware. Furthermore, even if you are not physically present at your office, you can keep track of everything. You can look at all of the features in the eClinicalWorks EMR demo. 

Digital Prescriptions 

Prescriptions written manually can be misread and misinterpreted. Not to mention that it is a pain for people to obtain their medications from pharmacies. However, eClinicalWorks EMR assists by providing an upgraded e-prescription feature. 

eClinicalWorks EMR allows you to send a prescription to your pharmacy right away. Your patients can then pick it up whenever they want. You can also maintain track of each patient’s medication and check if they have any allergic responses to the drugs they take. Additionally, you can sign refill requests while on the go. According to users, the eClinicalWorks price is worth all of these powerful features.  

Mobile App   

You can access patient records, refill prescriptions, log meetings, and schedule follow-up appointments with the iPad program “eClinicalTouch.” Although the mobile app is limited compared to the web/desktop version, it aids communication and productivity between your suppliers and employees. 

Another software that permits the use of a mobile phone to access patient data is “eClinicalMobile.” Even if it is restricted, it provides crucial functions such as the ability to transcribe your notes in eClinicalWorks using “Speech.” You can see all of the advantages during the eClinicalWorks EMR demo. 


eClinicalWorks’ telemedicine service is a critical tool, especially during times like COVID-19. With eClinicalWorks Telehealth, you may communicate with your patients at any time and from any location. Televisits allows you to treat patients virtually. Another advantage is that patients can benefit from the convenience of being at home. Moreover, this function is safe and secure since it complies with HIPPA regulations. 

Learning Material for Patients  

Many patient learning devices are available from eClinicalWorks to help you and your patients with clinically accurate diagnostic papers. This informative content keeps them updated and helps them enhance their performance. 

Integrated Clearinghouses  

eClinicalWorks integrates with clearinghouse interfaces to facilitate payer-related procedures, determine insurance eligibility before providing care, and submit and track claims in real-time. 

Free Demo   

You can also schedule an eClinicalWorks EMR demo before purchasing the program. Users should highly consider getting a software demo, according to eClinical Works EMR reviews. A demo is a brief overview of the software. With the help of the eClinicalWorks EMR demo, you may look at numerous software features in the contemporary healthcare scenario. 

To get a demo, simply go to the official eClinicalWorks website and register yourself or your company. A company representative will call you shortly to complete the procedure. 

eClinicalWorks – Cons 

Inefficient Customer Service 

According to eClinicalWorks reviews, the customer support offered by the company is not efficient. For example, users comment that whenever a technical problem occurs, they have to wait for hours to resolve it.  

Slow Updates 

Another concern mentioned by users is that the software frequently updates and crashes. This hinders workflow, and you are unable to work smoothly. The majority of the eClinicalWorks reviews stated this drawback.

Our Final Thoughts 

eClinicalWorks EMR is well known among healthcare providers for enhancing their workflow. The software has revolutionized the medical practice. Moreover, eClinical Works has several powerful functions that can financially and clinically uplift your medical practice. We hope you will make an educated choice after reading this detailed eClinicalWorks review.  

In addition, reading eClinical Works reviews can help in better grasping the product. Moreover, you may make an informed decision by booking an eClinicalWorks EMR demo and reviewing the functionality in person.  

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