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What Precautions Have Educational Institutions Made for Coronavirus?

by zayedalmansouri

Coronavirus has negatively affected the whole world and everything had to stop because of this pandemic. In December 2019, the first case of Coronavirus was found in the Wuhan city of China and in a few months the virus took over almost every country in the world.

According to the data collected by Assignment Help UAE more than seventy-five million people are affected today because of coronavirus and over one million people have died. Coronavirus was declared a pandemic and everything in this world had to stop. Offices were closed, local businesses had to be closed, Giant companies had to stop working, all the sports events were cancelled, and basically, everything you could think of had to be shut down temporarily in order to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Like everything else, schools, colleges, and universities also had to be closed which delayed education for students to a great extent.

Everyone was forced to stay at home and everything had to be done from home. Businesses started functioning online and working from home became the new norm. Everything basically shifted online. Academic institutions also started conducting online classes so that the students can continue their education.

We all know that education is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life and due to coronavirus it was taken away for a few months which greatly affected the students and the institutes. Educational institutions had to take tons of precautions in order to continue the academic process.

Here are some of the precautions taken by educational institutes for Coronavirus.

1. Temporary Shut Down

The first step which was taken by the governments worldwide was to temporarily shut down the schools, colleges, and universities. This precautionary measure was opted for when the spread of Coronavirus was on the rise. Educational institutes completely closed its campuses for students and faculty members.

2. Online Learning

After a few months into the pandemic, governments realized that coronavirus is not going away anytime soon and so the education of children should not be kept at stake. Online learning was chosen as a medium to educate the children at home so that their studies don’t get delayed any further.

3. Physical Distancing

Soon after the first wave of coronavirus dried up and the conditions seem to be under control to an extent, schools, colleges, and universities started reopening, and physical classes started once again. But with students present in a classroom close to each other, the chances of coronavirus spread are higher and that is why social distancing was practised in the schools. Six feet distance was made mandatory and was urged to the students.

4. Alternative Days

Schools, colleges, and universities very smartly worked up a plan to call students alternatively so that there will be no crowd. For instance, in schools, students of classes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 were to be present in the school on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and classes 2,4,6,8,10 were in the school on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. With this precaution, there were fewer students in the school at one time.

5. Promoting Cleanliness

Students, especially the younger ones were taught how to clean their hands and how to take care of their hygiene as cleanliness can play a huge role in stopping the spread of coronavirus. Classes were properly disinfected every day after the school timings. Disinfecting sprays and sanitizers are provided to teachers and students so that cleanliness and hygiene are ensured.

6. Wearing a Mask

Wearing a mask is the most important factor because coronavirus is a respiratory infection and is most likely to travel into the body through the nose and it was mandatory to wear a mask in academic institutions at all times. As we are not used to wearing a mask, it was difficult to adjust to but is also very important.

7. Closure of Educational Institutes

As we are now in the middle of the second wave of the coronavirus, schools, colleges, and universities had to shut down yet again. The second wave is more brutal than the first one and so educational institutes took the safety of their students into consideration and closed them once again. Online classes and exams are yet again started with students being at home.

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