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Yoga Asanas to Boost Your Immune System

by bansalshanayaa

The origins of yoga date back to the Vedic era, when yogis learned and practiced the philosophy behind the human mind, body, and soul. Its relevance in health and wellness is imminent as modern society accepts and explores its benefits.

How can yoga help with our lifestyle?

Stress and anxiety are commonplace in the fast-paced lifestyle we live today. Hence, we need a particular emphasis on our diet and physical health. Yoga includes several asanas that maintain our organs and improve our posture. Both are directly related to overall wellness and immunity against diseases.

Yoga for everyone

The best part about yoga is the absence of equipment, apart from a yoga mat. Retreats are becoming prominent as an escape and learning opportunity for both yoga enthusiasts and masters. You can relax and take a vacation while introducing a lifestyle change for the better. For instance, a yoga school in Rishikesh provides a calm environment set apart from the bustling city crows where you can meditate, find inner peace, and learn ancient yogic techniques.

Yoga can improve blood and oxygen circulation to critical organs and prevent chronic diseases. You can practice these straightforward asanas every day for an hour to boost your immunity and live an active, disease-free life –


  1. Lay down on your stomach
  2. Stretch out your arms ahead
  3. Ensure your knees and feet are straight and stick together in the lying posture
  4. Life your arms and legs together while inhaling a deep breath
  5. Uplift your head as much as possible and raise your chest off the floor
  6. It is best to hold the position for ten seconds


  1. Stand straight with your feet placed about 4ft apart
  2. Turn your right foot outwards by 90 degrees and in the same direction, turn your left foot a little
  3. Inhale and while exhaling, bend your body towards the right to touch your toes
  4. Ensure your waist faces ahead and let the left hand come up extended to the air
  5. Your right hand coming down and raised left hand should form a straight line
  6. With an inhalation, come back up to the resting state and straighten your feet
  7. Repeat the same steps for your left side


  1. Stand still with your feet on the ground together
  2. Maintain the straight backbone
  3. Interlock your fingers and stick your palms together
  4. Stretch your arms up and stick out the palms outwards while inhaling
  5. Hold the position for over 5 minutes and repeat the same a couple of times.


  1. Start by standing in Tadasana (also called the mountain pose)
  2. Work your core to lift your upper body upright and back
  3. Place your hands right above your glutes on the lower back
  4. Inhale and exhale to allow your body to lift and extend backward
  5. It is best to hold the position for some deep breaths



  1. Place your palms and knees on the floor
  2. Rest your elbows on the ground aligned with your shoulder and spread your fingers
  3. Bring your knees closer to your triceps and lean forward, putting your body weight ahead
  4. Life your feet from the ground together and try to balance the posture
  5. Stay focussed to hold the position and try to balance your weight with emphasis on your triceps

Ananda Balasana

  1. Lay down on your back
  2. Bend your knees and bring them close to your belly
  3. While breathing in, try to grip the exterior of your feet with your hands
  4. Place your ankles over the knees as your shins become perpendicular to the ground
  5. Flex out your heels to stretch them
  6. Slowly push your feet to your hands and at the same time, pull them down with your hands to create a resistance
  7. Hold the position as long as possible, and try to rock your hips sideways to deepen the pose

Krupa Chaturanga Dandasana

  1. Position your palms on the ground right under the shoulders and knees below the hips
  2. Shift into a plank position with your knees off the ground and pelvis aligned with the shoulders
  3. Drop your elbows to the ground one at a time
  4. Now align your elbows to the shoulder
  5. While holding the position, you can engage your core

Never too late to start

Yoga is not physically intensive, yet the benefits are manifold. People of any age group can learn and practice asanas to battle chronic diseases, maintain the circulatory system, and live healthier lives. You can mix up your yoga routine with pranayamas and meditation to train your lungs and your mind.

Suppose you are looking to learn more about yoga in a serene setting with equally enthusiastic others from different parts of the world. You can look up 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and enjoy time spent working on your core and building your immunity for the long haul.

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