10 Holistic Ingredients That Make Herbal Tea a Pro For Weight Loss

ingredients of herbal tea

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle today is imperative as it affects your productivity, the functioning of your mind and body. One of the most important wings of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is maintaining and reducing weight which is a herculean task. It sounds easier than it is and that is why most people fail to see the process through. Weight loss is not a forgiving process. It involves dedication and grit but more importantly eating and drinking right. Herbal tea, for example, is a great way to lose weight but it takes time. This article is for the people who want to shed the extra kilos a little faster. We have listed several herbs that can act as a catalyst in the weight loss process.

Add These Ingredients to Your Herbal Tea to Lose Weight Faster and Properly

Picking up where we left off, there are certain herbal, holistic ingredients that can speed up the weight loss process and help you properly lose weight. If you are confused about the right tea for your regular diet, you should filter your options by viewing the herbal tea price, ingredients, and nutritional breakdown. This will help you pick the best option. We have created a list of 10 of the most effective ingredients that you can add to the herbal tea to lose those extra kilos like a pro:

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  1. Turmeric – When it comes to holistic herbs that keep the body healthy, turmeric deserves a spot somewhere at the top. It is one of the healthiest ingredients one can add to their herbal tea. It has multiple applications and boosts immunity and has several other health benefits. A study was conducted in 2009 that showed that turmeric helps in weight loss. Factually speaking, Turmeric is essentially a warming spice that heats the body thereby, speeding up the metabolism process and boosting the immune system of the body as well.
  2. Cinnamon – Another great herbal ingredient that you can add to your herbal tea is cinnamon. It is added to almost every other dish and for good cause. It has several health benefits that range from boosting immunity to regulating blood sugar levels. When it comes to weight loss programmes, cinnamon comprises an important part of the diet because it keeps you fuller for longer and curbs hunger pangs that lead to unhealthy eating habits.
  3. Cayenne Pepper – Herbal tea, with a pinch of cayenne pepper, not only adds a different flavour and aroma to it but also acts as a catalyst in speeding up weight loss. Cayenne pepper increases the metabolism rate of the body which leads to burning a lot of calories, thereby, reducing body fat. Studies show that adding cayenne pepper to food or beverages can help you burn nearly 100 calories with each meal or drink.
  4. Ginger – Ginger, like the ingredients mentioned above, has fat-burning properties as well. It is also commonly referred to as thermogenic property. Ginger helps to regulate blood sugar levels and prevents any anomalies in the sugar levels. Ginger can also help in burning body fat and keeping the body healthy.
  5. Cumin Seeds – A study was conducted on obese women and the results of the same have shown that adding cumin seeds to all your food and your inaugural beverages (like your favourite herbal tea) can lead to you losing three times the weight in the same amount of time. It also adds a different flavour to your herbal tea which makes it all the better. Other than herbal tea, black tea is also considered a healthier option for weight loss. You can view specifications and variants of black tea online in case you wish to swirl through the available options.
  6. Rosemary – People who like to watch what they eat, know that rosemary helps increase the metabolic rate by a substantial amount which leads to burning a lot of calories. Apart from this, it also improves the digestion process. Boiling the rosemary leaves, straining the water and consuming it at lukewarm temperatures can aid in weight loss.
  7. Cardamom – Also popularly called elaichi, cardamom also has thermogenic properties that help you burn a lot of calories thereby losing a lot of weight. It keeps the digestive tract healthy, prevents the formation of gas and keeps the body healthy. Adding a pinch of cardamom to your everyday cup(s) of herbal tea can help you lose weight much faster.
  8. Black Pepper – The unique flavour of black pepper comes from piperine, which also has several health benefits that not a lot of people are aware of. For example, piperine helps in the prevention of the formation of fat cells. This prevents you from gaining weight and overextended consumption of herbal tea also helps you in maintaining and regulating your weight.
  9. Dandelion – Dandelion is a laxative and digestive aid that helps in boosting the fat metabolism rate and reduces cholesterol. Also, it helps in eliminating fatty acids from the body via the digestive system. In short, dandelion is a great herb to add to your herbal tea for health benefits as well as for speeding up the weight loss process.
  10. Psyllium – Essentially a bulking agent, Psyllium helps to reduce hunger and curb hunger pangs, keeping you full for longer hours, thereby helping you shed and maintain body weight. Also, it encourages the body to eliminate waste thereby improving the digestion process. If consumed moderately with herbal tea, Psyllium can help you lost a lot of weight a lot faster than most other spices or food items and that is a fact.

These are the 10 herbs that you can add to your herbal tea if you are looking to lose weight fast but in the proper method.


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