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13 Common Myths & Facts About Hair Transplantation; Describes An Expert Doctor

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Hair Transplant in Mumbai

Today, hair loss is a common problem that affects many people. A person with hair loss experiences more frequent hair loss than hair growth. It is known as a condition where the rate of hair loss outpaces the rate of hair growth in medical terminology. Most people are frightened of losing their hair. It affects one’s appearance; it also has an impact on how one feels, which leads to issues like low self-esteem and loss of confidence. Fortunately, there are treatments for baldness now that science and technology have advanced, with hair transplantation being the most popular.

Even though it has been around for a long time, there are still certain misconceptions about the procedure that prevent individuals from trying it as a viable alternative. We’ll try to dispel a few of these myths concerning hair transplant procedures in this blog. Speaking with Dr. Sumit Agrawal, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon, we learned the myths and facts about hair transplantation. Dr. Sumit Agrawal provides effective hair transplant in Mumbai to all his patients at Harley’s Clinic in Mumbai. 

In the simplest terms, a hair transplant involves transplanting a patch of hair from one area of the scalp to a bald spot on the scalp. Pattern baldness is the main factor in most cases of hair loss. It all comes down to genetics.


The remaining cases are the result of several factors, including:

  • Diet
  • Stress 
  • Illness
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Medications

Myth #1: No more hair fall from other areas


The most widely held misconception is that after undergoing surgery and receiving a transplant, hair loss will stop.

One needs to understand that the hair transplant is done using one’s own hair, so they grow on the scalp naturally. Apart from the treated area, the hair on the other parts of the scalp will continue to follow their own growth cycle. Therefore it is very important to religiously follow the hair care regime suggested by their dermatologist for hair growth & for the results to last longer.




Myth # 2: The elderly cannot get hair transplants done.

When people say that age is just a number, they are correct; this is especially true when discussing hair transplants. Age does not affect whether one can get a hair transplant or not; infact, it is the hair at the back of the head that determines whether one can get a transplant or not. Moreover, to learn whether one is an ideal candidate or not, one should visit Harley’s Clinic, which provides the best hair transplant in Mumbai. One can get a consultation book with the expert doctor, Dr. Sumit Agrawal, to learn about their chances of getting a hair transplant done. 

Myth #3: The outcome will not appear natural


The surgeons performing the transplant ensure that it will look as natural as possible, says the skilled doctor, Dr. Sumit Agrawal, since they want to make it look authentic and not fake.


Myth #4: The price is high

Hair transplants are actually not that expensive; the price is determined by the amount of grafting and patching required; the more grafts one needs, the more expensive it will be, but it will still be cheap. To learn about the affordable hair transplant cost in Mumbai, pay a visit to Harley’s Clinic as the cost is determined after examining the patient. 

Myth # 5: The procedure won’t leave a scar.


Every hair transplant procedure leaves a scar, no matter how small; some high-tech surgeries merely leave spots that are also undetectable. The expert doctor at Harley’s Clinic in Mumbai makes sure that the patient understands and is aware of the size of the scar.


Myth #6: The brain is impacted.

This is the silliest myth ever; since the treatment just affects the skin and doesn’t penetrate much deeper, it doesn’t have any effect on the brain.

Myth #7: It is agonizingly painful.


In spite of what most people think, anaesthesia is used during surgery. Because of this, there are no bad side effects, and neither the surgery itself nor the time afterwards is painful.


Myth # 8: Doing it as soon as possible.


The majority of people mistakenly think that having surgery done at the earliest stage of hair loss will stop additional hair loss. The doctors are unable to predict whether or not there will be additional hair loss.


Myth #9: Better to get it done on a later stage rather than at the early stage

Bigger grafts are preferable to smaller ones: This is untrue as well; the more natural-looking the hair will appear, the smaller the transplant. The hair seems thicker and more natural when the grafts are smaller. On the other hand, larger grafts appear artificial.


Myth #10: Women cannot receive hair transplants


Although the transplant is particularly common among males, women can also get one because both sexes experience the same issue. The humiliation of losing hair can be addressed by both men and women with the help of hair transplant.


Myth # 11: Hair loss


The misconception that transplanted hair can fall out over time is untrue; instead, transplanted hair adapts to one’s scalp’s natural hair and follows its usual development patterns.


Myth #12: One can borrow someone else’s hair

This is incorrect; one must be their own donor; if one tries using someone else’s hair, their body would reject it; one must have their own hair for the transplant; if one is bald and has no hair to donate, the procedure is not for them.

Myth #13: Washing the hair will stop it from growing


Another myth that circulates in the hair transplant industry is that using shampoo and conditioner would somehow harm or stop the growth of the transplanted hair, but it doesn’t do so.

After reading all the myths and facts we are confident that everyone is now aware of the facts about hair transplants and that the procedure isn’t as terrifying as has been suggested. 

If someone is thinking about getting a hair transplant, they need to have reasonable expectations. The purpose of hair transplant procedures is not to stop hair loss or baldness. For both men and women who want to properly address the problem of baldness or hair loss, hair transplants are an excellent choice. The best part is that hair transplants are typically permanent, safe, and reasonably priced procedures that gives one  fuller, thicker hair. To get an effective hair transplant in Mumbai by an expert doctor or to learn about the hair transplant cost in Mumbai book an appointment at Harley’s Clinic, Mumbai.

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