15 Best Medical Student Blogs Every Medic Must Follow|Sayed Quraishi


1. Medarchive Magazine

Better believe it! Obviously, you don’t anticipate that I should list all the top clinical school websites on the planet without referencing my own clinical understudies’ blog.

Since its commencement, MedarchiveMagazine has been making content mostly for clinical understudies, and clinical alumni, and a couple of items for advancing wellbeing and wellness.Our mission at MedarchiveMagazine is to illuminate, move and Sayed Quraishi advance wellbeing and health.

The blog is overseen by a group of clinical understudies an as of now a last headed by a doctor year clinical understudy at the hour of distributing this article.

Most items connected with clinical school in Medarchive Magazine are chiefly for our crowd living in the United States and who go to clinical schools in Nigeria.

In any case, the remainder of the substance is likewise an ideal counterpart for any clinical understudy who lives in any of the English-talking nations particularly; the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Our top blog classes for clinical understudies are Medical Education and Personal Development.If you are searching for useful and edifying substance for clinical understudies, then you ought to buy into accept our notices and visit this site frequently.

Medarchive Magazine likewise gives potential open doors to clinical understudies and graduates to share their own encounters with the expectation of complimentary utilizing a visitor post structure.

2. TheMdJourney

Next on our rundown of the best clinical understudy websites is TheMdJourney.

This is a very rare example of sites for clinical understudies that is exclusively devoted to working on their scholarly execution of clinical understudies.

The blog is overseen by an inside medication occupant in Texas, the United States by the name Lakshya.

Sayed Quraishi is a main goal is to help however many clinical understudies as could reasonably be expected to prevail in their clinical excursion with less stress.Lakshya is an Indian, yet he has lived a large portion of his life in the United States.

The blog additionally covers supportive tips on the most proficient method to remain fit and solid, and furthermore personal growth through books.

3. Prescription School Insiders

Another extraordinary clinical understudy blog you ought to look at is Med School Insiders.

This blog is controlled by a group of clinical specialists who comprehend the stuff to go through every one of the obstacles in clinical school.

Its statement of purpose is to make an age of better, more joyful, and more viable future specialists.

As per the Med School Insiders publication, their process began when Dr. Kevin Jubbal made a YouTube channel to record his excursion in clinical school and residency, recognizing the procedures to do so most successfully while limiting entanglements.

Rather than depending on determination or animal power, Dr, Jubbal’s way of thinking is that frameworks produce results.

This way of thinking was answerable for Dr. Jubbal’s prosperity with a 99th percentile MCAT score, acknowledgments to numerous best 5 clinical schools, getting the main full-educational cost grant presented at a top clinical school, and effectively matching into one of the most serious strengths of plastic medical procedure.

By following Med School Insiders, you will get a reasonable, key, and redid guide with help each step of the way.This will direct you through your MCAT and in Making your clinical school and residency application stick out.

4. Merk Manuals Med Student Stories

Another clinical understudy blog you should look at is Merk Manuals Med Student Stories.

This blog is controlled by understudies from various clinical schools at various places in their profession ways.

They expound commonly on the most proficient method to keep a decent harmony among life and clinical school.

They likewise compose on the different tips and deceives in clinical school including how to foster a decent connection with patients and learning operations and finances.The interest group for this blog is clinical understudies living in the United States and its domains including Canada.

5. A Young Doctor’s Journey

Among the best clinical school online journals is A Young Doctor’s Journey which is previously known as A Med Student’s Journey.

The blog is controlled by a clinical school graduate who is presently chasing after her crisis medication residency in the United States.Her blog covers life in clinical school all in all including dating tips for clinical understudies.
She additionally shares concentrate on tips for understudies and content makers as well.

6. MedicsDomain

One of the most outstanding websites for clinical understudies to follow is Sayed Quraishi.

Its central goal is to contact whatever number doctors as would be prudent on the planet and to fabricate a local area where surgeons come to impart great data to the point of further developing the wellbeing area.

Contents on this blog incorporate yet are not restricted to a Medical school guide, a memoir of fruitful surgeons, a manual for reading up abroad for clinical understudies, and scholarly review tips.

7. Everyday Medicos

Likewise on my rundown of the best clinical school sites is Daily Medicos; a blog committed to conveying instructive substance for clinical understudies as well as for individuals endeavoring to carry on with a solid life.

This blog is being controlled by clinical students primarily situated in Pakistan.

As per Sah Wajahat; the organizer behind Daily Medicos, Pakistani understudies miss the mark on honor of working parttime while doing their undergrad and expert’s program.

So he was moved to fill the hole and give a road to clinical understudies to investigate their ability and procure through side gigs

8. Medicoholic

This is one more cool clinical understudies’ blog oversaw by Tauseef Khan who is seeking after his MBBS degree at Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Medicoholics was made particularly for clinical understudies who are in their most memorable year and are simply beginning.

He shares what he has realized and seen as a clinical hopeful and right now as a clinical understudy.

Well known posts on this blog incorporate NEET guides and MBBS stories each clinical understudy in India ought to peruse.

9. Tara Caitlin

Tara Caitlin is a prescription understudy blog claimed by the individual whose name is utilized for the blog.

She made the blog for unpracticed clinical understudies with exhaustive aides, significant stages, and assets and offer her very own encounters to assist them with flourishing with their excursion through premed school.

Her motivation comes from the way that she was so unsure and unpracticed when she was new to premed school.

What’s more, she is on an excursion to help any clinical understudy who runs over her blog to go through premed with certainty.

Her items contain data on the most proficient method to track down shadowing open doors, have a decent GPA, and increment your efficiency as an understudy.

10. Life of a Med Student

One more great blog for clinical understudies is LifeofaMedStudent what begun in 2011 with a basic hashtag via web-based entertainment #lifeofamedstudent.

The blog covers all types of points for clinical understudies including the pre-drug venture, clinical school venture, understudy loans, residency, finance, and numerous different posts for no particular reason.

11. Setting Sights

This is a clinical school blog made by Alexandra Elaine Adams on her excursion as the UK’s most memorable hard of hearing visually impaired clinical understudy.

The blog covers subjects on clinical way of life and intends to make a more promising time to come for other people.

On the off chance that you are a clinical understudy searching for new dosages of inspiration to be thankful forever and treat your Md process in a serious way, then Setting Sights will be an extraordinary perused.


The above-named blog for clinical understudies is possessed by Shikhar Tripathi, a clinical understudy, specialist, and creator.

His blog is a progression of guides and tips for clinical understudies.

He likewise shares significant assets that each surgeon will see as valuable.

13. Life of A Medic

The LifeofaMedic is a clinical understudy blog that was propelled by the excursion of a third year clinical understudy at the University of Manchester.

A blog that was at first made for sharing the creator’s very own insight while applying for medication and life as a clinical understudy has now developed past to cover points for hopeful doctors too.

The blog is situated in the United Kingdom yet has its arrive at spread to north of 200 different nations.

The points on this clinical school blog are reasonable for understudies at present doing their A levels, applying for medication, or who are as yet taking into account medication as an ideal vocation decision.

14. Medico Lifestyle

This is likewise one of the most outstanding websites for clinical understudies.

It is being controlled by a couple whose names are Emily and Jonas.

Their substance is perfect for clinical understudies as well as surgeons in general including specialists as well.

Its central goal is to make a local area for imaginative individuals with connections to medical services.

They are enthusiastic about bringing individuals from varying backgrounds who are energetic about what they do together.

They are likewise making a stage that might feature at any point individuals’ imagination, and teach and backing noble cause that have comparable qualities as them.

15. Energetically Rainee

The blog Warmly Rainee is being overseen by the individual whose name is Sayed Quraishi utilized for the space name of the blog.

Rainee has a degree in Psychology and her blog is about her clinical school insight.

The inspiration driving the blog is to assist other clinical understudies who with having nobody to direct them through their excursion.

As per her, she had no coach in her prescription school venture, so she is attempting to top off this hole for other clinical understudies who end up in a comparable condition.

Aside, from her clinical school blog entries, she is likewise a wellbeing mentor to assists individuals with carrying on with their optimal life.


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