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It is normal practise in India for business channels, websites, and the investment community to search for indications from the Singapore Exchange Nifty Index <a href=”
“>SGX Nifty</a> before the home markets open for business. And this has been even more obvious in recent months, as markets around the world have been wracked by volatility as a result of the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. But what precisely is the Singapore Exchange Nifty? In addition to being a derivative of the Nifty index, the <a href=”
“>SGXNifty</a> trades on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), which is one of the world’s most important stock exchanges.

Singapore Nifty, or SGX Nifty, refers to trading in futures contracts on the Singapore Exchange. The NIFTY settlement price at the NSE of the Indian stock exchange serves as the basis for the settlement of futures contracts.

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