4 Best Abs Exercises at Home (Without Any Equipment)

best abs exercise

Make strong and attractive abs without using a single piece of instrument is a great idea.

Do you also agree with me?

If yes these best abs exercises work like a charm for you. I will discuss them later.

Why spend in gyms and equipment if you can have your shredded dream cut abs at home by implementing some of the best abs exercises is just so wonderful thing right!

Doing abs exercise at home is a great choice as the workout practiced for doing so is very great and impactful in targeting all the abdominal muscles with the targeted muscles.

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List of Best Abs Exercises at Home

Plank as best abs exercises

So what is a plank?
Generally, it means a wooden log but in terms of fitness, a plank is the parallel position of our body which we try to keep stationary against the gravitational force of the ground with help of our hands and legs.

Is it difficult to do?
Yes, it’s not that simple as it seems like just holding yourself above the ground with hands and legs. You thought you can do it pretty simple, yes you can do it but time plays important role in this.

As you go longer than a minute you will start feeling difficulty in maintaining a stable position and as time extends your body starts shivering and struggling to do so.

To do plank

• Rest your body on your elbows and foot to the ground.
• Your shoulders are resting on your elbows, the forearms in the position of touching the ground.
• You can keep your palm open and pressed to the ground or can make a fist also.
• Keep your neck straight and head facing the ground.
• Your position from shoulders to ankles is straight and still doesn’t make any movement and be like a statue.
• Keep your core muscles tight like you must get a hit of a punch if you lose your belly.
• Can do 3 sets of the first set with a minimum of 60 sec. you can extend the time limit as the set increases.

Cycling crunch

How it is when you’re cycling but not on the cycle? In the cycling crunch, you have to make the same movement as you do while riding a cycle.

To do

• Find a perfect place and lie down with your back touching the ground.
• Pull your head above the ground, hands should be placed behind, supporting the head with elbows bent.
• Fingers should be interlocked with each other to ensure perfect support to the head.
• Your lower back should be pressed to the ground.
• Then start cycling crunches by making one side say right leg full stretched to the floor and the left one is raised above and keep the left knee above the navel level towards the chest.
• At this time also pull your right elbow with rib cage to make a touch at the chest level with the left foot.
• Make sure not to move only the elbow but also the rib cage portion.
• After the contact settle down slowly and switch the movement with another leg. You should touch the right leg with the left elbow and the left leg with the right elbow to maintain cycling motion.
• Do 3 sets of at least 20 reps.

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Side plank

The oblique abdominal muscles are encountered and strengthened during side plank which is most remain untouched while practicing abs exercises like crunches.

To do

• Start it by your side, on your side make your feet together.
• In the side plank, only one forearm will hold the upper body weight which is positioned directly below your shoulder.
• Don’t lose your neckline, keep it rigid.
• Now raise your hips above the ground so that your body will be in a straight line from head to your feet.
• You can keep your other hand holding your waistline to balance the move.
• Maintain this position in the air for the scheduled time.
• Then switch to the other side.
• 3 sets of minimum 30 sec. for the first set you can increase the time period according to your body capacity.

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Reverse crunch

We all have done the regular crunches once in our lifetime right! So what will happen if the crunches are reversed? It’s like doing something in its opposite form while benefitting at the same time. Let’s grab this move.

To do

• First lie down on the floor with your back support or choose a mat.
• Then make your legs bend to 90degree, feet touching the floor.
• Make your head and neck rested to the ground don’t move them up to the grounds as this will put stress on your neck.
• Put both hands on the grounds, close the palms, and press them to the ground to support the overall movement. You can also place the arms in between the hips and ground some find this more comfortable.
• Now tighten your abs at full and apply force to raise up the legs and hips from the ground. Concentrate more force on your abdominal area it will strengthen your abs.
• Pull hips as high as to your chest area, where the knees are in the line of your chin.
• Stop moving further at this point and get back your feet to the floor.
• Repeat the motion again.
• 3 sets, 15 to 20 reps are good.


In the above article, I talk about the best abs exercises anyone can try at home without even the need for any instrument.


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