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4 Health Checkups Every Person Needs Periodically During Their Life

by Anita Ginsburg

Health checkups are among those essential needs that often get overlooked. While you might not feel like you have time to sit down for an exam, you’ll find that doing so helps you to feel better about your overall health. As you look over your planner, make sure to schedule these four checkups that will keep your body in better condition.

Know Your Numbers

A simple blood test is all it takes to learn how to stave off heart disease and other chronic health conditions. Ideally, you should get your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked on an annual basis. You may also need a glucose check if you are at a high risk of developing diabetes. If these numbers don’t fall into the recommended guidelines, then you can use dietary changes and medication to turn them around.

Schedule a Dental Exam

Healthy teeth and gums are vital for helping you to maintain your health, since you need to be able to eat a nutritious diet. Most people need annual dental exams, but you might need to go more often if you have known problems such as frequent cavities or gum disease. Some companies, like Signature Dental, know just how important this is. After your exam, the dentist will give you a treatment plan so that you can take action to achieve a healthy mouth.

Go for an Eye Checkup

Vision changes can happen rapidly. This is another exam that you should have every one to two years, and you’ll also want to schedule a checkup anytime you notice potential warning signs such as spots in your vision. Eye exams typically take under an hour to complete, and you’ll know right away if you need glasses or other forms of treatment. Your eye doctor may also note signs of other health conditions during your exam that can include high blood pressure or diabetes.

Get Your Hearing Assessed

Your sense of hearing declines as you age, but you can experience hearing loss earlier if you are exposed to loud noises or other lifestyle factors that lead to damage. People who are under the age of 40 should schedule an exam every three to five years, but you’ll want to be checking your hearing annually after the age of 65.

Health checkups typically only take under an hour, and they provide valuable information about your overall well-being. After your checkup, make sure to follow up on any findings. Taking care of little things, such as cavities or a need for glasses, helps you to maintain your wellbeing over the upcoming year.

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