4 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Clean for a Lifetime


Brushing isn’t just for kids. Everyone should follow good oral hygiene habits from childhood through the senior years. Teeth are not just accessories. They help us chew, swallow, and speak. They give our face structural definition and enhance our physical appearance. Healthy white teeth are an essential feature that should be protected and preserved.

Practice Daily Dental Care

Dentists generally recommend that people brush their teeth after every meal. If you are snacking a few times each day, you may not have time to brush each time. Plan to brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day, once in the morning when you get up to remove overnight saliva deposits and any loosened bits of residue that were missed in the previous night’s brushing. You may want to start the day with mouthwash for a fresh feeling. At bedtime, brush again and be sure to floss. Rinse your mouth to remove leftover particles or toothpaste crumbs.

Avoid Substances That Damage Teeth

Beware of eating foods that contain sugar, including sweets and even things like pancakes or certain breads. Acidic substances like carbonated soda can erode your teeth over time. Hard, crunchy foods like peanuts or popcorn can potentially damage your teeth if you bite down too hard or too often. Tobacco use is another culprit along with alcoholic beverages. Avoid or limit these things to help protect your teeth from decay or injury.

Wear Protective Mouth Gear

When playing sports, wear a mouthguard to prevent oral injuries that can break or crack your teeth. At work, wear the recommended or requisite faceguards to protect your teeth as well as your face, eyes, and nose from injury. If you do become injured, call the dentist right away for advice on how to handle it. If the dentist suggests treatment or medication, follow those guidelines to keep your teeth safe.

Get Routine Dental Checkups

Don’t wait to see a dentist only when you have a tooth problem. A comprehensive examination every six months with X-rays helps to catch problems early for effective treatment. A thorough cleaning by a hygienist is an important part of preventative dental care provided by your dental team. The expert flossing, scraping, cleaning, and polishing will make your teeth look and feel great.

These simple steps only take minutes a day. Maintain consistent oral hygiene and routine dentist visits to keep your teeth healthy for years to come. Teeth that look good and work hard will enhance your image and well being.


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