Exercise is the best way to get stamina after food. If you have curious to know more about which exercise gives stamina to your body.  There is 5 common exercise which can do daily which can increase stamina and boost up energy level up steady.  With exercise eat the right food after it giving your body all of it.

An exercise boost stamina and give energy level up for a long period of time and if you can do cardio exercise like swimming, walking, running, jogging like exercise which can also do exercise to your lungs and heartbeat up which can increase oxygen level up and supplies oxygen to the body muscles.  Workout exercise just like weight lifting that can body the ability to accept lift heavy loads without getting exhausted.

You will early tired in a short period of time but if you can do daily practice you will see the difference in your body.  If you have no stamina or lack of stamina in the body you can feel many problems health-related first of there is ed issue in men and women face low libido problems as well. In current time there are remedies available like cenforce 100 pill for men and love for women to increase low libido to high.


Below the rest of the common exercises mention include which can give you energy the whole day and increase stamina after some time.


Who does not know swimming and not to like heavy cardio exercise swimming is not for that. To get the best stamina do at least 30 minutes of swimming but those who maintain over on water keep rest body 2 minutes between 5 minutes continue to swim. On swimming time most of the small upper body musculature work and it also works on heartbeats increase. It is more inefficient exercise than cycling or walking. But who has a joints pain kind of problem they can do water aerobics or water walking for a better way to get stamina


For people who want to think to start loose weight and increase stamina this cycling is the best option do you can get gear sport cycling or ideal cycle for the first exercise or warm-up exercise option to beginning step to increase stamina. Include cycling you can also focus on walking to give your body mechanical stress over the back, hips, knees, and ankles secondary you can do both when you go out with cycling and walking along with cycling exercise if you have any joints pain then you can do swimming cycling which can do both exercises in a single time.


If you are at home do not want to do any heavy exercise and want to stamina this boat pose exercise which can easily do at home without any lot of effort but it is quite slow to increase stamina rather than other exercises like cycling and walking. It is an easy way to do sit over the floor with your straight legs, Balance your hips and lift your straight legs up and stretch your arm to straight when you feel a position that looks like a boat. Hold this pose for 20 to 40 seconds and repeat 5 to 10 times a day. This boat pose exercise is to stretch your leg to head muscles.


Chair dips exercise for those who are work long time in an office with computers and sitting on chairs. This simple exercise is just for that. It easy to do exercise sit in a chair with armrests put your back straight and your leg put on steady position just like you can sit on the chair but not actually sit and put your both palm on a bench or chair and slowly up and down with slowly breathing in and out this can stretch your back muscle and legs muscle and gives you stamina.


Wall sits are the best and easy exercise and most of this do by women for increasing stamina. A working woman required a lot of stamina because they are doing dual duties office and homework and that required a lot of energy this exercise can do easy at home.  Just Stand with your back facing the wall and your arms locked at your elbow. Glide down the wall until your knees are at a 90-degree angle from the floor and your hamstrings are perfectly parallel to the floor. Count till 10 while you hold this pose. Repeat for another 4 times.




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