5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System Before You Fall Ill


We love winters. The snow setting on the ground, the snowfall, building a snowman or angles on the snow, and not to forget the holidays. Winters are a perfect time for enjoyment and relaxation right? It is also a perfect time for the cold and flu to attack your body especially the kids.

So what steps can you take to avoid falling sick right at the time when you should be enjoying the festivities?

Some of you may have the domestic tricks passed on from one generation of grandma to the next. But those of you who dont we are here to help you in 6 easy and natural ways you can improve your immunity.

Are You Ready to Roll?

So let us begin with;


Fluids, fluids, and more fluids. One cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of water. It’s a common understanding to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. But the majority of people don’t even get close to 6 glasses a day even.

People with low levels of water are more prone to diseases. We understand drinking 8 glasses of water may not be possible for several people, so you need to set a routine in which you are able to do so.

Take two glasses on an empty stomach when you wake up. It will help kick start your digestive system and metabolism. Your body is already dehydrated from sleep so starting with water is a good choice.

Do not take tea or coffee right away (especially not on an empty stomach).

The Right use of Supplements

The Internet is lined with the latest brands guaranteeing immune system boosters and what not. But with the right prescription, you can get yourself one of the best daily immune boosters. Such supplements help improve your weak metabolism, boost energy levels, and also be able to develop an infinity to cold and flu.

Now you can get organic immune boosters that do not contain any chemical or harmful ingredient. So if you want to continue an organic feast on your table consider adding the organic supplements to help your immunity grow stronger.

Daily Exercises

We get it, you have a hard job to do. You maybe are a single parent or running your business or a college student. At any age and level of career, you cannot give the excuse not to exercise. Even if you do not take the supplements you do need to develop a routine to fit the exercise.

Exercise is not the only way to prevent chronic illness but is also a way to lead you towards a healthy lifestyle.

It does control your blood pressure and keeps your body in check. So if you think cold and flu could hit you they probably will if your body lacks the natural strength to fight it.

Exercise increases our chances to ward off any illness.

Say No to Stress

If anything drains your body faster, it is stress. It’s one factor that undeniably exists in your life either in the shape of work, studies, families or even in form of basic necessities.

Stress is one of the primary reasons for obesity or weight loss too. Stress may be inevitable but you do not need to let it control you. De-stress yourself with “self-care”. This means you need to relax your mind and body.

Stress can be either physical, mental, or even emotional. So it’s best to meditate or do yoga to keep you calm. Read a good book before going to bed or even say a prayer if it helps.

Take Rest

A good night’s sleep is a charming way to boost the immune system. It’s not only good for immunity but also helps to rejuvenate your mental well-being too. It’s the natural regenerative process of your body. In case you are sleep deprived that means you may gain weight, will not feel fresh and immunity did not have a full chance to recover after a long tiring day.

It’s only for so long you will be able to function with the lack of sleep.

So if you want to keep the inflammatory cytokines in check go to sleep on time. It’s best to et 6-8 hours of sleep daily. Once you start doing so, your natural immune cell growth will improve too.

If you follow these 5 steps a cold and flu get nothing on you. You just need to keep up with a healthy lifestyle and that’s about it.


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