5 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Stay In Good Shape

Stay In Good Shape
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For most of your life, the weight has been the source of stress and anxiety for most. Growing up as the chubby kid or being the overweight sibling in the family, or even having a potbelly slightly deflated may make you feel bad. It’s ok if you don’t crave veggies or fruits but you need to look forward to a healthier way of life. Blessed are those with good genes What Can You Do to Stay Healthy in These Unprecedented Times? but those who don’t need to work harder to be in good shape. However, the majority of us are too lazy to do so.

So is it Possible to Even Stay in Good Shape Without Moving Legs?

Whether you have good genes or not you do not have to do much to regain a healthy weight, shed extra fat and have a toned body. Are you ready to learn the extremely easy ways to remain fit?

Then here we go!

Take 10,000 steps 

Learn to walk. What good is a diet if you are stationary? You need to move your butt even if it’s within the living room. You need to take 10,000 steps daily. Watch the pedometers, and start taking steps one at a time. To stay fit you might be taking organic sea moss gel for boosting your immunity but still you’ll need to stay physically active. Consider walking as a low impact exercise.

Not only does walking help your health but also reduces the risk of getting diabetes, boosting your mood and energy. It balances the bloodstream too and is the easiest way to burn calories.

Short workouts

If you cannot do the 30-minute cardio sets, then it’s perfectly fine. It’s better to begin with a short workout session in your home instead of doing nothing at all. So if gyming is not an option for you try beginning the exercises that are easy and manageable. With time you can increase your stamina for workouts and balance the time too. Some days you may feel low in the beginning but let us assure you it’s normal to feel tired.

That’s your body’s way of showing that you needed this workout regime.

Pair daily activities with exercise 

Maybe this is not how you thought things would go but no harm in trying to mix domestic chores with exercising. In fact this is an effective way of completing your tasks and exercising – two in one. This way you can ensure yourself that you got to complete several minutes or work and didn’t forget to do squats either.

For instance you may use a broom as an oblique bar and complete a set of ab twists oy you can use bags of rice or other heavier items as weights and lift your arms 25 times each side. Another best thing is to use stairs as a means of leg exercise.

So you see? You already have a gym side to your home, you just need to see the right way to do so.

Standing desk

If you work from home, then you have the opportunity to use a standing desk instead of the regular desk. Sitting for long hours easily results in larger hip size and producing belly with slouched backs. As they say, sitting is the new smoking you need to break this chain of activity.

If the standing desk is a bit out of budget for you then plac some books (or something equivalent) on your regular table, place the laptop on top.

This way you can help maintain your back posture, instead of slouching, and doesnt let the back fat gain any more access than it already has.

Stability ball

If you feel standing desks are not your cup of tea then it’s time to switch your chair with the stability ball. It’s quite a viable alternative than the standing desk. Using a stability ball is crucial to help your back for balancing and of course it also tones your core.

You can use the stability ball for at least 20-30 minutes daily instead of the chair. The reason is quite simple – it puts load on your lower spine and balances the backaches too. People even use stability balls for crunches when lying on the ground so again it is effective.

The best Part is….its lightweight!

There’s a lot more you can do but it’s best for the first timers to begin with the easiest of ideas. Even if you change your home activities and stay active, it will prove to be a lot helpful to strengthen and tone your body. Are you willing to take the chance?


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