5 Types of Hearing Loss and their causes.

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The Different Types of Hearing Loss.

If you’ve been noticing a decrease in your hearing, you may be wondering what the different types of hearing loss are and if there’s anything you can do about it. There are a number of things that could be wrong with your ears. Not all cases of hearing loss are permanent. In fact, most people who experience a hearing issue are able to fix it with a little help from an expert. Here are some of the different types of hearing loss:


o Auditory Acoustic Subluxation – this is a problem that happens when the ear has a change in its anatomical structure. This can be caused by trauma or an illness. When this occurs, sounds can no longer be properly transmitted through the ear and the result is hearing loss. An earwax accumulation is often a symptom of this problem.


o Meniere’s Disease – this is a disorder of the inner ear, which can result in dizziness or other issues. Some people actually experience hearing loss when they have this disorder. People with the disease typically experience dizziness, a ringing in the ear, weakness in the muscles of the inner ear, and nausea. Treating Meniere’s Disease involves prescription medicines and invasive procedures to relieve pressure on the ear.


o Bacterial Vaginosis – This is one of the types of hearing loss that is actually a symptom. Many women experience bacterial vaginosis when they are going through menopause. The infection affects the outer ear, which results in hearing loss. Antibiotics are commonly prescribed for bacterial vaginosis. If it does not respond to antibiotics, you may need to use a different treatment option. Homeopathic remedies are often an alternative choice for women with this issue.


o Cancers – this is usually referred to as the disease of the inner ear. This type of loss of hearing typically occurs after someone has experienced some type of hearing trauma, such as an explosion. This type of injury will affect the microscopic hair cells within the ear. Treating this type of loss of hearing will require surgery.


o Ear Mites – this occurs when the wax builds up in the ear, causing it to become inflamed and irritated. This often happens to children who have ear mites, which can be treated with antibacterial creams. Earplugs are often recommended for children who suffer from ear mites. Treating this condition can require a trip to the otolaryngologist to have it surgically removed.


Causes of Hearing Loss.

Types of Hearing Loss There are many different causes of loss of hearing for most people. These include pregnancy, thyroid malfunctions, certain types of cancer treatments, and old age. Most people who experience loss of hearing do so because of the environment they live in. Those who live in a neighborhood where there are many cars whizzing by will likely have to deal with this issue. Those who live in an apartment building or another building with many automobiles may also have to deal with this issue.


No matter what the cause of your hearing loss, you should make an appointment with your doctor. When you go into the office, he or she will conduct an exam to determine the cause of the problem. Once the cause is determined, the doctor will be able to come up with a Hearing aids in Lahore for you. Your hearing will be greatly improved once you begin following the right plan.


If you suffer from hearing loss, you may benefit from using a hearing aid. A hearing aid is a small device that is placed in your ear. Although this device may not fix the hearing issue, it may help you understand what is going on better.


If your hearing loss has been caused by trauma to your ear, you may be able to use devices called cochlear implants. These types of aids are usually placed inside of the ear. They use sound waves to transmit signals to the brain. Some of these devices are custom-fit to each person’s ear. Others are made for the entire body. These aids can improve your hearing greatly if they are used correctly.


If you don’t know whether or not you are experiencing hearing loss, you should definitely make an appointment with your doctor. Don’t let any ear issue go untreated. The sooner you begin treatment, the more likely you will be able to solve the problem. If you think you are experiencing a problem but aren’t sure what it is, you can always visit your doctor to get more information.


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