6 Eye Healthy Foods You Should Start Taking


Talking about our health in general, our food plays a key role. Just like all other gears of human health, our vision also tends to get affected over time. However, there are several ways that can help to minimize this age-related decline. And healthy foods are most important among those!

Healthy Foods our Eyes essentially require

When it comes to the association between healthy foods and visual health, a nutritionally adequate diet is essentially important. Let me explain the reason behind this! Certain nutrients present in our food are essentially needed for the proper functioning of our eyes. These important nutrients include;

  • Vitamins (particularly C, E)
  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Zinc
  • Beta carotene
  • Omega 3 fatty acid
  • Copper

Depending upon the availability of these nutrients in foods, we can definitely categorize them as eye-friendly foods. Intake of these foods can help to prevent these common eye problems. Apart from diet, these nutrients can be taken from the supplements. But as nature is always better, thus, it is advisable to fulfil your requirements from the diet.

Diet VS Supplements- Which is better? 

Another problem with supplements is that they are not for everyone. Let me explain it!

A few years back, I was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency by an eye specialist in Islamabad, and the physician asked me to take the multivitamin supplement. But I was unable to consume that multivitamin and I got severe nausea after consuming it. Then, I shifted to natural sources to fulfil my deficiencies and that’s how I got rid of those supplements.

Which foods are good for the eyes? 

So, if you are planning today to work for healthy eyes tomorrow, here is how you can start. For your convenience, I’m listing down some of the foods that are important for your eye health. Let’s start!

1- Fish

The benefits of fish meat are countless, but fish meat is particularly important for eye health. Nutritionally speaking, fish meat (especially salmon) is a good source of omega- fatty acid or healthy fats. The omega-3 fatty acid can play a role in the development of vision as well as is required for retinal health.

2- Almonds

Just like other seeds and nuts, almond is also an eye-healthy food. Almond is the rich source of vitamin E that is an essentially required eye nutrient. Almonds can help to prevent cataracts as well as it slows down the degeneration of eye muscles. Since almonds are calorie-rich food and that is why you monitor the serving size while consuming almonds.

3- Carrots

Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A along with beta carotene. Consuming carrots in any form can help with the deficiency of vitamin A and can help to prevent eye infections and other eye-related conditions.

4- Eggs

You might have heard of egg diet for weight loss or maybe your grandma explained to you why you need to eat an egg on a daily basis. In either case, we can’t deny the benefits of eating the egg. Alongside several other health benefits of eggs, eggs are also important for your vision. The egg is a rich source of vitamin A, zinc, zeaxanthin, lutein etc. thus, it can improve your eye health. 

5- Dairy products

Dairy products are good for your teeth and bone health but they also tend to aid your vision. Consuming milk and yoghurt can help your body to have sufficient levels of vitamin A and zinc. These dairy nutrients can prevent cataracts and aid in night vision.

But dairy products consumption requires care. I remember once my physician at Amanat Eye Hospital in Islamabad was sharing an incidence of a previous patient. The patient ended up with unstoppable diarrhoea due to lactose intolerance. So, you should consider your allergies and intolerances before deciding on a particular source for your nutritional deficiencies.

6- Oranges

Citrus fruits are also a good source of vitamin C and can help with eyesight problems/ Vitamin C can boost immunity as well as can contribute to making your eye blood vessels healthy. SO, having orange juice can improve your vision and make you strong against diseases.

Bottom Line!

Other than these other foods including kale, bell pepper, seeds and nuts etc. can significantly help to improve your vision. Other than the food, you can practice reduction in screen time, lifestyle changes and regular monitoring of your eyes by a certified physician can also help you.


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