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7 Natural Ways to Reduce Knee Pain

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Did you know that an average US citizen covers almost 75,000 miles by the time they reach 50 years of age? Undoubtedly, exercise is mandatory for our good health and wellbeing. On the contrary, walking and moving your legs causes wear and tear, specifically for obese people. The greater the body weight, the more pressure is exerted on the knees. Hence, our knees are susceptible to overuse and damage. The knee issues can be bothersome. Therefore, this article will highlight seven natural ways to reduce knee pain. 

As the knee is one of the most exerted body parts, it is also delicate. Hence, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon reports that knee problems are rising each day. It does not imply that we should stop exercising. It would help if you were careful in your movements. And if suffering from knee issues, you should look for effective remedies or a knee pain doctor near me to ease your condition. 

7 Natural Ways to Reduce Knee Pain 

Knee Massage 

When your knee pain is disturbing you, you should try getting a deep and relaxing massage by an expert. You should know that one particular knee muscle – the popliteus-supports the rotation and extension movements of a knee. When this muscle starts disturbing, you should approach a physical therapist for healing massage sessions. It is known to do wonders in easing knee discomfort. 

Focus Your Gluteus muscle 

Did you know that if you have strong buttock muscles, you can improve your knee issues? The gluteus muscles in your butt directly influence your thigh and leg movements. These muscles can cause the leg to rotate inwards, which torques the knee and results in sharp pain. 

The ideal thing to strengthen your buttocks is that you don’t need a gym enrolment or personal trainer support. You just need to follow this simple move into your workout routine. 

Start by keeping the right leg bent at 90 degrees, then elevate your right foot towards the roof. Move the right knee back to the ground, and repeat this exercise 20 times. Three sets of 20 repetitions for each leg are ideal. 

Try Out the Chinese Martial Arts: Tai Chi 

Working out when you are struggling with intense knee pain can be very challenging. The latest research reveals that tai chi, or the Chinese Martial Arts is famous for its gentle movements. It proves to be as effective as physical therapy in treating knee joint issues like osteoarthritis. 

While the study conducted at Tufts Medical Centre in Boston gathered 200+ people for three months, half were treated by physical therapy for six weeks and then followed same at home. In contrast, the other group attended tai chi class two times a week. At the culmination, everyone’s condition improved, but the Tai chi’s group was better off than the physical therapy ones. Also, tai chi group participants had a better mood than others. 

Maintaining Ideal Weight 

Do you know that you can now calculate your ideal weight according to BMI? It will give you an idea of how to manage your weight. You should know that an extra pound of weight places almost four pounds of pressure on your knee joints when you walk. This pressure increases with the intensity of your movement. 

If you are worried about how much weight you need to lose to improve your knee condition. The great news is that a bit of weight reduction will prove highly beneficial. 

A recent Harvard University study revealed the risk of osteoarthritis decreased by almost 50% with each 11 pounds weight reduction in young women (overweight). You can improve your eating habits to achieve this target. Else, you may consult a nutritionist for low-impact workouts (yoga, Pilates, or swimming) as it will help you reduce weight and improve your knee condition. You should know that high-impact activities like running and jumping can worsen the knee issue. 

Choose the Right Shoes 

If you have knee pain in Richardson, you should choose techniques that effectively support your body weight. For this, you should avoid wearing high heels or bad-fitted shoes, as it places extra pressure on your knee joints. 

A recent Harvard University revealed that the pressure on knee cap was 23% more in women wearing heels equated to the barefooted. Hence, it would help if you chose comfortable and cushioned footwear as it reduces pressure on the knees when moving. There are many shoes designed for running and fitness purposes. These shoes have extraordinary stability and motion control features that can help avoid inward rotation. 

Use Anti-Inflammatory Spices   

Experts suggest that using certain spices in your cooking will add flavour and support anti-inflammatory pain ease. When balanced with the right supplements, herbs can prove to be highly effective. A physician in Phoenix suggests that turmeric, cinnamon, fish oil, and cod liver oil have exceptional anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce knee discomfort and swelling. Whether the knee pain is due to injury, joint overuse, or osteoarthritis, these spices work miracles. 

RICE is Always Helpful 


– Rest 

– Ice

– Compression 

– Elevation 

It is a very useful way for treating acute knee injury that causes pain. Hence, when you relieve your knee of weight and rest, apply cold compression, and elevate the knee, you can decrease swelling, reduce pain and encourage long-term healing. 


Knee pain is a common health issue that can lead to short-term and long-term issues. No matter what the root cause is, experts can treat it. A majority of short-term knee problems can be treated through proven remedies. At the same time, these remedies can also help with long-term issues. 

If you have warm or inflamed knees, you should immediately consult a specialist. 

Also, if the symptoms don’t vanish after these remedies and affect other body parts also, you should get immediate medical help. It can prevent a severe infection or other critical issues.

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